13 New Pioneer Water Transportation Routes in Papua

In Papua, there are many improvements in transportation infrastructures that are already ongoing. Besides the air transportation and land transportation improvements, the water transportation has also become the main attention. The State Owned Ferry Ltd. for Water Transportation (ASDP) of Indonesia is building 13 new routes in order to create a new economic center in Papua and the East region.

Currently, PT. ASDP has 40 routes in Papua with 10 ships. In 2017, it is planned to add 13 more of pioneer routes to answer the demands of the growing market which cause the number of passengers to increase every year. On the other hand, the increasing passengers is not accompanied by the quantity of fleet and routes availability.

13 New Pioneer Routes in Water Transportation Papua
ASDP ship via beritatrans.com

Cited from Tempo, the President Director of PT. ASDP, Faik Fahmi explained about the new economic center in Papua and East region “ We will connect the cities on the coastlines with the inland area through the river. Later on, there will be ports on the rivers, thus the inland areas will become the new economic center in Papua. The goods will be distributed easily, while the products from the inland will be easier to be distributed, even to outside of Papua”.

In addition to adding new routes, PT. ASDP also add more fleets to support the routes. In this case, they have already contacted the Ministry of Transportation to ask for fleets that are given to the local government that are not well managed nor used. Out of 58 fleets, 42 percents of the fleets are over 20 years old, which as also impacts the maintenance cost.

These are the 13 New Pioneer routes that are planned to be made:

  • Merauke routes: Pomako-Agats, Agats-Eci, Pomako-Kokonao, and Swaerma-Pomako.
  • Biak routes : Serui-Poiwai, Poiwai-Teba, Teba-Bagusa, Bagusa-Trimuris, and Trimuris – Kasonaweja.
  • Sorong routes: Sorong-Sarpele, Sorong-Dulbatan, Fakfak-Bulla, and Bulla-Wahai.

Since the new routes do not only connect the cities by the coast but also on riversides, it is hoped that the isolation of the remote areas in Papua will decrease. Eventually, the welfare of the Papuan people will increase.

Another transportation improvement is the Sky Bridge Program, which is a program to distribute the goods to the mountain areas in Papua by a cargo plane. The program is addressed to decrease the high price of goods in Papua.

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