Meyah Waterfall, the Hidden Heaven of West Papua

Raja Ampat is not the only beautiful place in Papua. There are many places that can offer you the same experience in Papua, one of them is Meyah waterfall. Meyah waterfall of Papua is nestled in the slopes of the forest mountains in Tambrauw District, West Papua, it is one of the most beautiful places in Papua. Moreover, while you’re enjoying the breathtaking view, you can also hear the sounds of Cendrawasih birds that would calm your mind.

Even before your arrival to Meyah waterfall, you can already see the panoramic view of forests and mountains. You can also feel the fresh air that is still unpolluted, unlike the one in the city. It’s really refreshing, seriously. The scenic view, the bird sounds and the air, will give you a peace of mind and makes you forget about the hardship and stressful live in the city.


Meyah waterfall
Meyah waterfall in Papua via


Sorong tour guide, Abner Onny, said that, although Meyah waterfall of Papua is one of the most magnificent natural attraction in Tambrauw District, it’s still rarely publicized. Hence, there are still a few people who knows about the existence of this place. Only few tourists visit this places, which is great if you want to find a vacation spot that is still not too crowded to ease your mind. Not to mention that you can also see exotic animals in their wild habitat, like cendrawasih birds, deers, wild hogs, and more.

“I once drove a group of Chinese tourists to Meyah and they really adore its natural beauty,” said Abner, cited from Antara.

He also said that, most of the visitor of Meyah waterfall are local people who live close by. He also hope that the government can build better facilities and promote the magnificent beauty of Meyah waterfall. Hence, more visitors, whether domestic or foreign tourists, would come. Promoting Meyah waterfall will bring more tourists and more tourists mean more income to the local government that can boost the economic growth. Especially now that Indonesia is promoting itself as a tourist destination,so  Meyah waterfall of Papua can become one of the best tourist destination in Indonesia.


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