Amadeus Symphony Concert for Education in Papua

Education is always the backbone of every nation’s growth. The mind of its builders and thinkers are the main determinant of whether a country shall strive or starve. When the people’s mind are fed with education and knowledge, their body will create. That is exactly what the people in Papua need, and this is realized by many, including Amadeus Indonesia Music Foundation.

On Saturday, November 19th of 2016, Amadeus Symphony held a charity concert for education in Papua. The charity concert with the theme “A Migthy Fortress is Our God”  was held in Simfonia Hall Mezzanine in Jakarta. All of the profit would be donated to YPHP (Yayasan Pendidikan Harapan Papua) to build schools and educational necessities in Papua. YPHP it self is a foundation which focuses on education in remote area of Papua.

The Director of YPHP also conveyed her gratitude that this charity concert can be held, because it means that there will be more funds to support the education for children in remote area in Papua. Currently, YPHP already has three schools with the name of Sekolah Lentera Harapan (SLH) in Mamit, Daboto, and Karabaga. Later on, the would also open new schools in other remote places such as Karupun and Nalca in Yakuhimo Regency, where the location is not even charted on the map. The school levels are currently kindergarten and elementary. This decision is made under the consideration of the people’s education level which still can not count past three and poor use of Indonesian language. Due to these conditions, YPHP will still continue in developing education in those areas. The children who go to SLH will not be charged any fee. Hence, YPHP asks everyone to support the education in Papua. For example, by being a foster parent for education and to contribute in the education costs of these kids.

education in Papua
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Rosa Dahlia, an educator with great experience in teaching in Papua explained that the literacy in Papua is indeed low. Many schools are inactive and the teachers are not actively hands on because many of them live in the cities instead of in the schools location.

Papua indeed needs a lot of support in developing education. Especially the rural and remote areas. Hence, helping hands such as from Amadeus and YPHP shall be very appreciated. We can only join hands to support a brighter future for education in Papua.


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