Bank Indonesia Supports Marketing Papuan Coffee.

Indonesia is one of the best coffee producer countries in the world. There are many provinces in Indonesia that produce high quality coffee. One of those provinces is Papua. The Papuan coffee is one of the best natural products that need more attention and recognition from the world. For that reason, Bank Indonesia, the central bank of the Republic of Indonesia supports the marketing of Papuan Coffee.

Bank Indonesia

Bank Indonesia is the central bank of the Republic of Indonesia, which has a representative office in Jayapura. The representative office of Bank Indonesia in Jayapura acts as the development agent of the Government of Republic Indonesia to drive the economy, trade, and financial of West Papua.

In order to drive the economy in Papua, Bank Indonesia will help in promoting the Papuan coffee. Currently, there are a lot of Indonesian people who have become coffee lovers. This has resulted in the sprout of many new coffee shops serving Indonesian coffee that comes from areas all over Indonesia. However, not many of them serve Papuan coffee.

Quoted from Antaranews, the Head of Bank Indonesia Representative in Papua, Joko Supratikto said “We are coordinating with the Papua provincial government to develop the coffee plantations in Dogiai. We will help with the production tools, then we will continue to its marketing”. He also said that “Papua is one of the most excellent coffee producers. In Salatiga there are many emerging coffee shops. However, I see there has been no Papua coffee. I will try to offer them to serve Papuan coffee. This is one of our efforts to help promoting Papuan coffee”.

Highly Potential Export Product

Coffee is one of the biggest commodities traded around the world. With the recent trend of coffee aficionados and the adulation towards the scents and smells of coffee, it has become a valued product. People would search around the world, not just to find the area that produces the best coffee, but also the best crops of the year. Big companies such as Starbucks would buy the whole lot of an excellent crop to be shipped all over the world. Coffee is a gold mine for export.

Papua, as one of the biggest and finest coffee producer in the Indonesia, can even compare coffee to its other top commodities such as Fishery and Seaweed. As cited from Tempo, the Central Bureau of Statistics has stated that in June 2016 the export value of Papua Province has an increase of 54.96 percent, valued at 181.79 million USD, when compared to the export value on May 2016, 117.31 million USD. The non-oil sector was leading in export with the value of 0.12 million US dollar or 562.57 percent.

In 2016, Indonesia has reached 650.2 million US dollar for coffee export, which makes Indonesia as the fourth largest coffee producer country in the world. As cited from Tempo, the export of coffee during 2011-2015 has had a positive increase that reached 1.05% per year which are exported to countries such as United States of America, Japan, Italy, Malaysia, and Germany.

Papuan Coffee Types

Papuan coffee is one of the best coffees with the best quality in the world. It is grown organically in fertile soil, free of chemical and pests, which resulted in the best coffee beans with unique characteristics such as special aroma, light bodied, and a sweet aftertaste. Therefore, it is an excellent product for domestic and international coffee lovers. Lets get to know of these Papuan Coffee varieties:

  1. Wamena “Lembah Baliem” Coffee or known as Baliem Blue Coffee
  2. Biak “Garuda Mas” Coffee,
  3. Yapen “Cendrawasih” Coffee,
  4. West Papua “Senang” (happy) Coffee.
  5. Moanemani Coffee,
  6. Amungme Gold Arabica Coffee,
  7. Pogapa Pone Coffee,
  8. Mehak Coffee,
  9. Cartenz Coffee,
  10. Bintang Coffee,
  11. Arfak Coffee,
  12. Deiyai Coffee,
  13. Toli (Tolibica) Cofee,
  14. Yamo (Yamobica) Coffee,
  15. Yali (Yalibica) Coffee,


Bank Indonesia Supports Marketing Papuan Coffee.
Papuan Coffee varieties via


Bank Indonesia Supports Marketing Papuan Coffee.
West Papua “Senang” Coffee via


Bank Indonesia Supports Marketing Papuan Coffee.
Biak “Garuda Mas” Coffee via


Bank Indonesia Supports Marketing Papuan Coffee.
Moanemani Coffee via


Bank Indonesia Supports Marketing Papuan Coffee.
Cartenz Coffee via


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