Black Brothers, The Legendary Group Band from Papua

The Black Brothers is a famous group band from Papua that was formed in Nabire, Papua, in 1975.  They have launched their first album in 1976 by PT Irama Tara. Their band consists of Henky Miratoneng Sumanti (guitar/vocal), Benny Betay (bass), Agustinus  Romaropen (guitar), Jochie Pathipeilihiu (keyboard), Amry Kahar (trumpet), Stevie Mambor (drums),  Sandhy Betay (vocal), Marthy Messet (lead vocal), and David Rumagesan (saxophone).

The group is formed by Andy Ayamiseba through audition. After selecting the members of the group, he then formed the Black Brothers, a group band from Papua. The Black Brothers mostly sing their songs using the Indonesian language, but sometimes they also sing using Tok Pisin language.

During the 80’s, the Black Brothers is the most popular group band from Papua that has garnered popularity in Papua New Guinea. Their reggae genre has even influenced other musical groups in Papua New Guinea. In Indonesia, the Black Brothers is no less famous than other famous group bands, such as Koes Plus, The Mercy’s, Panbers, and D’Loyd. The popularity of the Black Brothers itself is due to their unique songs that would usually became a hit single.

The Black Brothers’ music is a combination between many genres like rock, pop, reggae, funk and Papuan ethnic songs. Thus, making their music unique and interesting to listen to. Whether by the people in Indonesia and also abroad. Some of their most famous songs are ‘Kisah Seorang Pramuria‘ (The story of a Hostess) and ‘Mutiara Hitam‘ (Black Pearl) are still popular even until today. One of Indonesia’s rock band “Boomerang” has even remade ‘Kisah Seorang Pramuria.’ Because of their fame, many other group bands from Papua start emerging in the Indonesian music scene. They usually use Black in front of their band’s name, like Black Papas, Black Sweet, Black Power, and Black Family.

Black Brothers
Black Brothers during their concert in Acacia Hotel, Jakarta, on 2 September 2015. Via

Although they have been in hiatus, but in 2 September of 2015, they are finally back to entertain their fans. They held a concert to reminisce their music with their fans in Acacia Hotel, Jakarta. The show proves everyone that even though they are not in their peak of their music career, but their songs and their presence are still remembered by their fans.


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