Boaz Solossa: The Captain and Ace Player of Indonesian National Football Team

Football is the most famous game that is fascinated by people across the globe, including Indonesia. Therefore, events or competitions for this sport have become some of the most prestigious events worldwide. Many countries around the world are competing to become the best country at football, and to have top notch players who are internationally famous. Every country have their own ace player, in Indonesia we have Boaz Solossa.

Boaz Theofilius Erwin Solossa or well known as Boaz Solossa is the ace player and one of the best Indonesian football player alive. He was born on 16 March 1986 in Sorong, West Papua. He is the sibling of Ortizan Solossa and Nehemia Solossa who are also well known Indonesian football players. Through his early career as a football player, he already showed the quality of a great football player. He was even considered as a wonder kid during his early career. He was even being called as the front person in Indonesia National team when he was only 17, during the Tiger Cup 2014. At that time, he impressed many people with his skill by scoring 4 goals during the competition and helped Indonesia to win a second place.

Boaz Solossa
Boaz Solossa via


Boaz Solossa spends most of his career as a football player in Persipura Jayapura, with this club he already scored 145 goals from 216 appearances. Boaz Solossa won many championships and leagues, such as Indonesia Super League in 2005, 2009, 2011, and 2013, and Indonesia Cup runner up in 2006, 2008, and 2009, and he also won Indonesia Community Shield in 2009. Furthermore, Boaz Solossa also becomes Indonesia Super League top scorer twice, during 2008-2009 (28 goals) and 2012-2013 (25 goals). He even strengthened Persipura Jayapura through Asian Football Confederation quarterfinals in 2001 and semifinal in 2014.

Boaz Solossa is known as a fast paced striker who uses his speed to out-speed his opponents to score goals. Therefore, he usually scored a goal early in the game. One of the example is during AFC Asian Cup qualification, when Indonesia faced Saudi Arabia, he scored a goal during the 5′. He is also known as a big game player and a game changer, who can score a winning goal for his team. For example during the 2016 AFF Championship Semifinal, Indonesia versus Vietnam, he scored a winning goal 50′.

Boaz Solossa is not the only famous Papuan football players. There are also Titus Bonay, Christian Worabay, Imanuel Wanggai, and so on. Papua usually produces many quality players with a great club which is Persipura Jayapura.  Persipura Jayapura itself is one of most famous and prestigious club in Indonesia. This club has already won many competitions and even passed through to the semifinal of Asian Football Confederation cup in 2014. 

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