Boosting Tourism in Papua with the Emerging Market from China

Tourism is one of the best way to bring foreign exchange. Indonesia is a beautiful country with so many exotic places to visit. It can use tourism as one of the most feasible way to boost the economy. Therefore, currently, the government of Indonesia has been intensively promoting the tourism. The local government is not far behind in improving tourism to bring local income for the developments. Therefore, the local government in Papua has been looking for new ways to boost the tourism in Papua.

Boosting Tourism in Papua

To increase the tourism in Papua, the Department of Culture and Tourism in Jayapura City is now trying to promote their region to the foreign tourists. One of them is by promoting Jayapura City to China. They target the tourists from China to boost the tourism in Papua because China is a big country, with big population of people that can afford traveling abroad. These facts are due to China’s biggest population in the world with a rapid development which results to a lot of new upper and middle class people. These people are interested and can afford to travel the world.

tourism in Papua
Tablanus village is one of most reccommended tourism destination in Jayapura. Via

“So far, tourists from China have successfully boost the tourism in Thailand. Their purchase power are high, so we are interested to attract them to visit Jayapura.” said the Head of Department of Culture and Tourism of Jayapura City Bernard Fingkreuw, cited from AntaraPapua.

To boost the tourism in Papua, they are now promoting it through the online portal. To boost the sounding even better, hey also promote it at other regions tourism promotion. The reason is because the tourists from China usually visit the promotion from other regions. Hopefully, they can see Papua and are interested to visit. They hope that by these measures, the interest of the tourists from China to visit Papua can be increased. In the next year, they are targeting around a thousand tourists from China to visit Papua.

Tourism in Papua have a lot of potentials to become one of the main source of regional income. Hence, Bernard hopes that the institutions in Papua can cooperate to boost the tourism in Papua. He hopes that in the future, there will be funds allocation to promote the tourism in Papua.


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