The Digitized Distribution of Social Aid in Papua using e-Warong

Technology is now growing faster than ever before. One of the technologies that is rapidly growing is the internet and the digital technology. Internet and the digital world enable us to navigate the world easier. Now, we don’t have to bring our money around because we can use credit card, debit card or e-money. We don’t even have to go anywhere to shop, because there are online shopping sites that will deliver our purchases to our door at our heart’s content. There are even online transportation such as Gojek, Uber, and Grab bike.

The Ministry of Social Affairs, the Indonesian State Bank, and the Government Logistic Agency notice these progresses. Hence, they cooperate and will open a digitized social aid distribution for Papua. They will build a Joint e-Business Group of Keluarga Harapan (Future Family) program (e-Warong Kube PKH) in Wamena, Papua. E-Warong is developed by the government in order to enable non-cash distribution for social aid in Papua. By giving social aid in Papua through E-Warong, they hope that the social aid in Papua can be distributed on time and on target.

social aid in papua
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“To keep the involvement of the Papuan people high in e-Warong KUBE PHK, we will involve Institutions of Indigenous People in Papua in the operation,” said the Director of Institutional Relationship and Transnational Banking of BNI (the National bank of Indonesia), Adi Sulistryowati, cited from liputan6.

BNI itself has already tested e-Warong to distribute non-cash social aid in several cities in Java and the test was successful. They tested them by giving them a non cash social aid that can be used for buying basic commodities that are being sold in e-Warong KUBE PKH. Hence, the social aid in Papua will go directly for the god of the Papuan people. The transaction of social aid in Papua itself can be traced to avoid misuse or corruption of the social aid.

By creating e-Warong, it is hoped that the benefits of donation and social aid in Papua can be properly enjoyed by the Papuan people. The social aid itself can only be used to buy basic commodities so it cannot be misused.


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