East Palapa Ring for Fast Internet in Papua

The government of Indonesia is on the fast track in developing Papua‘s involvement with technology, currently, it’s implemented through the East palapa Ring. Indonesia is currently developing the Palapa Ring project to connect the Indonesian people from Sabang to Marauke through better internet and telecommunication connection. There will be three types of Palapa Ring that’s being constructed by the Indonesian Government. The projects are the East, Central, and West Palapa Ring. The Indonesian Minister of Communication and Informatics, Rudiantara, already said that the Internet in eastern Indonesia is slow and expensive. Hence, through the East Palapa Ring project, he hopes that they will have better internet connection and would be more interconnected.

East Palapa Ring
East Palapa Ring. Via media.viva.co.id

The government has already signed a contract in the amount of 5,1 trillion IDR for the East Palapa Ring project. The project will reach the eastern territory of Indonesia such as, East Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, West Papua, and even remote places in Papua. The Indonesian Minister of Communication and Informatics, Rudiantara, also said that the Papuan people are dealing with slow internet connection, and it the condition is very different from Jakarta.

“Our brothers in Papua only receive half the speed of the internet in Jakarta. In Jakarta, internet connection can reach up to the speed of 7 Mbps. That is almost like in Los Angeles. Jakarta’s internet connection is the 2nd fastest in South east Asia, after Singapore, and even faster than Kuala Lumpur (Malaysian) and also Bangkok (Thailand),” said Rudiantara.

Currently in Papua the internet connection speed is only around 300 Kbps; and it cannot reach remote places. So, people in remote places will have to walk if they want to get a signal to make a phone call or sending a short message. However, the Indonesian government want that to change, through the East Palapa Ring project, they want to bring internet in all over Papua, even in the remotes places.

These projects will hopefully bring great progress for the people in Papua, especially in the remote places. They will be among the most benefited people in Papua by the application of this technology. People in remote places in Papua will not have to walk if they want to get a signal to make a phone call or sending short messages. They will also have the same internet connection speed as people in Jakarta or other places in Indonesia. Thus, information through internet in Papua will became faster than ever.

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