Economic growth in Papua: Improving Welfare for the Brighter Future of Papua

The government of Indonesia is very serious in developing the economy of Papua. Therefore, they are now constructing and executing many plans in order to build a vast development and economy growth in Papua. Currently, the impact of executed plans can already be felt by the Papuan people, because the economy is growing fast at 8,76%. The economic growth is occurring even before all of the plans are finished. It is only logical to assume that if all of the plans and developments are done, more economic growth will develop. 

One of the reason why the economic growth is one of the main focus of the government is, because it correlates to the welfare of the people. Hence, by increasing the economic growth in Papua, the Government under President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) administration wants to improve the welfare of the Papuan people. They want to increase the standard of living and eradicate poverty in Papua.

The economic growth in Papua will also increase business investments and more market power. Business and market boom in Papua will then increase the number of job vacancies. Increasing number of job vacancy means more livelihood for the Papuan people that will decrease poverty caused by unemployment.

economic growth in Papua
Papua Governor Lukas Enembe. Via


Currently, the economic growth in Papua is showing good results. According to Papua Governor Lukas Enembe, the welfare of the Papuan people have increased. That has been shown by the decreasing poverty in Papua. Before President Jokowi administration and rapid economic growth in Papua, the poverty reached 31,15 percent in 2013, but on March 2016, it decreased until 28.54 percent. The economic growth in Papua also decreased the unemployment. Currently, the unemployment in Papua is only around 3,35 percent, lower than the national unemployment rates, which is 5,61 percent. Furthermore, the rapid economic growth in Papua also increase the Human Development Index (HDM). On 2014, HDM in Papua is 56.75 percent, while in 2015, it has increased to 57.25 percent.

The economic growth in Papua will make a better future for the Papuan people. The rapid growth will also ensure the welfare of the Papuan people. However, economic growth in Papua is not the only government goal, they also want to increase the education and health access of the Papuan people. Not to mention that they have also built more infrastructures and provide cheaper fuel for Papua. With these goals, the future of Papua will be ensured.


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