Papua Free of Elephantiasis in 2020

The Public Health Service in Papua is often battling with diseases in Papua. Some of the diseases they aimed to eradicate are leprosy and cataract. Eradication of these diseases are some of the solutions of the government, in order to increase the health standard of people in Papua. By increasing the health of the Papuan people, it is hoped that it can increase the welfare and the human index development in Papua.

Not only do they want to eradicate cataract and leprosy, they have also created the “Free Elephantiasis Papua by 2020” program. Elephantiasis  is a disease characterized with gross enlargement of some areas of the body, especially the limbs, caused by obstruction of the lymphatic system. Elephantiasis is one of the diseases that has become quite a problem for the Papuan people. Hence, the government is now planning to eradicate this disease from Papua.

Papuan patient with Elephantiasis disease. Via

The Public Health Service in Biak Numfor Regency is planing to eradicate this disease by intensification of medication treatments through local Community Health Centers (Puskesmas). The Government of Biak Numfor Regency has already launched Papua free of elephantiasis program throughout the villages by inviting participation from all of the government officials, business sectors and all aspects of community, to prevent and treat elephantiasis,” said the Chief of Public Health Service in Biak Numfor Regency Petrus Yapen, cited from Republika.

The Public Health Service in Mimika will also carry out “Papua free of elephantiasis in 2020” program, as a part of the national program. They are now preparing for this program, in order to optimize it by 2017. According to the Secretary of Public Health Office in Mimika, Reynol Ubra, as a part of  the November declaration as the month of elephantiasis eradication, from 23 local Puskesmas in Timika, the majority have already executed medical treatments, in conjunction with the immunization month for school children.

“This is our second year for medication program in Mimika. We are hoping that by the year of 2020, Mimika will be free,” said the Secretary of Public Health Service in Mimika, Reynol Ubra, cited from Okezone.

The medication program will be used to combat diseases like elephantiasis. With this program, it is hoped that, not only would it eradicate elephantiasis, but it would also eradicate other diseases like leprosy, malaria, and so on. This program is expected to increase the health of the Papuan people by giving access to medication.


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