Free Houses for the Underprivileged in Papua, Courtesy of Jayapura City Local Government

The government of Indonesia is currently building many infrastructures and trying to accelerate the economic growth in Papua. Therefore, they are investing a lot of money in Papua and create many programs for that purpose. By accelerating the economic growth in Papua, the government hopes that it can improve the welfare of the Papuan people.

Improving the welfare of the people in Papua is an important goal, hence, the government has also create many programs such as health care programs, One Fuel Price programs and so on. In August 2016, the local government of Jayapura City has promised to build 25 units of house in the border area of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, which are Skouw Yambe Village, Skouw Sae, and Skouw Mabo. These houses are provided for the people who don’t own a house or live below the poverty line.

“The building of these houses in three villages are on going. As many as 25 units are being built, cooperating with the community and funded from Special Allocation Fund,” said the Head of Public Works of Jayapura City, Nofdi Rampi, cited from AntaraPapua.

The houses that are being built are the 45 type with two bedrooms and will probably be finished at the end of 2016. Furthermore, they are also planning to continue the program in 2017. The local government aimed to create a better living standard for the people in Papua.

Jayapura City
Mayor of Jayapura City, Daniel Pahabol. Via

Furthermore, the local government of Jayapura City has also has finished building 12 units of houses for the Papuan people who live below the poverty line in Jayapura city. The houses have already been given to the Papuan people, symbolized by the key handover and ribbon cutting by the Mayor of Jayapura, Daniel Pahabol on 24 November 2016.

“The Budget for this program is 105 million IDR, tax included  per house, for type 36 house with two bedrooms and one living room,”  said the Head of Social Department of Jayapura City, Irawadi, cited from AntaraPapua.

The twelve houses are located in North Jayapura District 1 unit, South Jayapura District 2 unit, Abepura District 3 unit, Heram District 4 unit, and Muaratami District 1 unit.  The Jayapura City local government itself, spends around 1 billion IDR for the building of the 12 houses.

Those programs are made to improve the standard of living and the welfare of the Papuan people. Having a house is an essential need, besides food and clothes, hence this program is very important. By having more sustainable programs such as these, the government hopes that the underprivileged people in Papua can live in a better living condition.


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