Health Development Updates in Papua

Papua has been enjoying some lucrative developments in all aspects of life, whether its culture, infrastructure, and health. Some of the most life saving and welfare increasing developments are in the health department. Through the programs developed by the central and local governments, along with many partners and shareholders, the health development in Papua has been pushed forward in terms of facilities as well as services.


Mimika General Hospital Developments

The Regional Public Hospital of Mimika has some major homework to do. They are in the progress of improving their status from a type C hospital to type B hospital. This status increase can only be done by improving the health services and facilities. This is indeed a big work of health development waiting to be done.

The health services in the Regional Public Hospital of Mimika is actually already quite comprehensive. They are equipped with specialists from internal medicine, surgery, child, OB/GYN, Otorhinolaryngology, eyes, dentistry, radiology, anesthesia and heart.

However, they will still increase the number of their specialist to better serve the people of Papua. Hence, they will increase the availability of health facilities and infrastructures in , certified medical staffs, improved quality of service and other requirements.

Floating Health Care Clinic in Mimika

Amungme and Kamoro Community Development Institute (LPMAK) have established a water-based health care delivery in Mimika, Papua, with the floating health care clinic. It has been operating since October 2015 and it is developed to provide health services to areas that can only be reached by water.

The medical facilities in the floating health care clinic in Mimika is also adequately equipped. They are assigned with capable medical staffs in adequate numbers, such as doctors, midwives, nurses and analysts. The floating health care clinic in Mimika also cooperates with medical staffs of local Puskesmas (Community Health Centers), supporting Puskesmas, and Mimika regency Health Service. These floating heath care clinic in Mimika are even equipped for small operations. It is proven with the previous cataract operation performed to nine cataract patients in Timika bay village, Mimika Tengah district.

The floating health care clinic in Mimika are also meant to prevent and carry out medical treatments for diseases that are commonly seen in Mimika. In every heath care activities in the coastal areas of Mimika, the floating health care clinics are also assigned with malaria control team from Mimika Malaria Center.


Leprosy Eradication in Mimika

The Ministry of Health is planning to build leprosy rehabilitation center in Mumugu, Papua, in the near future. These concerns are based on the fact that leprosy is an infectious disease and if not being handled well, it can spread and harm many people in Papua.

All of the medical staffs in Papua are directly involved in patients’ treatment, such as monitoring the daily medicine intake. The central and local government are also going to fund the program to stop the spread of leprosy in Mimika, by allocating the special autonomy fund (Otsus) of Papua to Mimika Dinkes. This funding is expected to help stop the disease spread by building more medical services, hiring more medical staffs to help the patients, and creating a more comprehensive program to combat the disease.

In the following years, they are planning to have health development in  Papua regarding leprosy eradication by creating a more comprehensive way to handle leprosy in Mimika. From the early detection up to preparing the medical staffs to monitor medicine intake (PMO) in the families that are infected with leprosy.




Elephantiasis Eradication

Elephantiasis is one of the diseases that has become quite a problem in Papua. Hence, the government is now planning to eradicate this disease from Papua by creating the “Free Elephantiasis Papua by 2020” program as a part of health development in Papua. This is the second year for leprosy medication program in Mimika. The Public Health Service in Biak Numfor Regency is planing to eradicate this disease by intensification of medication treatments through local Community Health Centers (Puskesmas).

The Government of Biak Numfor Regency has also launched Papua free of elephantiasis program throughout the villages by inviting participation from all of the government officials, business sectors and all aspects of community, to prevent and treat elephantiasis. Furthermore, as a part of  the November declaration as the month of elephantiasis eradication, from 23 local Puskesmas in Timika, the majority have already executed medical treatments


Cataract Eradication

The Health Service of Amungme and Kamoro Community Development Institute (LPMAK) has been giving free cataract surgery in Mimika-Papua. On 24 October 2016 particularly, this was carried out to celebrate the World Eyesight Day.

Besides giving free cataract surgery in Mimika-Papua, they were also giving free eye check and treatments in Kokonao Community Health Center (Puskesmas) and Atuka Puskesmas on 19-24 October 2016. The eye check was participated by 941 people that consists of 666 adults and 275 children, eyeglasses distribution to 376 people and distribution of eyes medicine to 229 people. There are 5.080 people from Timika City that have undergone screening and eyes check up, in 2014. From that number, it’s found that there are 240 people or around 5 percent that have eyes impairment caused by cataract.


Papua Health Card

Papua Health Card program has been launched since 2014. Its main purpose is to help the indigenous people in Papua to get free medication whether when they are sick or if they just want to get a health check. The Head of Health Department of Papua Province, Drg. Aloysius Giyai, said that the government has already funded around 800 million IDR for Papua Health Card (KPS) since 2014, cited from Kompas. This year, the local government has already given 300 billion IDR allocated for KPS program.

The indigenous people of Papua who has already been signed as the holder of Papua Health Card can get free medical treatments in any public hospitals and also four private hospitals that are partnering with the local government. Currently, Papua Health Card has reached 3.9 million Papuan indigenous people who get free medication services in the last three years. Not only free medication, Papua Health Card will also give free transportation using four airplanes for the Papuan indigenous people who live in remote places.

 Healthy Indonesia program

the government creates the Healthy Indonesia program (Program Nusantara Sehat) to help the citizens to get health access. Healthy Indonesia program is a program that assigns medical staffs in every corners of Indonesia. The team of selected medical personnel will be assigned with the mission to increase the health of people. One of the main focus area of Healthy Indonesia program is Papua. This program is indeed crucially needed to reach inlands and remote areas in papua to get better health access and service.





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