Medicinal Herbal Plants from Papua

Red Fruit

One of the most well known herbal plants in Papua is Red Fruit. This fruit can usually be found in Jayawijaya mountain area (Wamena and Tolikara), Jayapura, Manokwari, Nabire, Timika, and Ayamaru Sorong. Red fruit is a type of fruit that at the first glance looks similar to a jack fruit. However, the red fruit usually have a longer form and are red in color. The red fruit itself is a genus of plant in the pandan family. The tree of a red fruit can grow up to 4 meter long with 1-2 meter long branches. Usually the local people use this fruit as supplement and multivitamin. They use it as a way to maintain their vitality and health because the red fruit is believed to have a lot of vitamins and minerals, most prominently beta-Carotene.
Herbal plant in Papua
One of the unique herbal plants in Papua is Zodia.


Zodia or Evodia sauveolens is a type of plant that only exists in Papua. The local people usually use zodia to repel bugs, especially mosquitos. To repel mosquito, the local people rub zodia leafs on their body. This plant is also believed to be beneficial as a herbal plant with many medicinal purposes. It is believed that the active compounds in zodia plant, including Evodiamine and rutaecarpine, can be used to fight the virus that causes malaria and can relieve fever. Zodia plant is also believed to have important compounds that can be used to fight the activity of cancer cells. Moreover, if you have odor  problems, such as bad breath or bad body odor, you can use this plant to reduce it.

Papua’s natural resources are not only its mineral resources, but also their unique flora with many benefits. These three herbal plants only exist in Papua. Adding to the uniqueness and richness of the Papuan nature.

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