Ignasius Dicky Takndare: the Promising New Artist from Papua

Ignasius Dicky Takndare is young artist from Papua with great talent. Through his hands he has managed to create beautiful paintings with meaningful messages. Born in Sentani, Jayapura on 6 June 1988, the founder/CEO/Owner at Onomi Art Design and Owner at Phuyakha Art Studio was a graduate from Fine Arts at Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta.

Ignasius Dicky Takndare
Ignasius Dicky Takndare


He believes that art is an inevitable part of the lives of the people in Papua. For example, he explained, the people from Biak have a saying “If we don’t sing it means we’re dead.” Art has become a part of their everyday life.

The development of art, especially paintings and sculptures in Papua has started to develop. Currently, The Institute of Indonesian Arts and Culture has been established in Jayapura, there are many art workshops being built, and many other progresses are made.

The young people of Papua has already seen art as a chosen profession. However the number is not enough. According to Ignasius, Papua has a lot of talented young people with tremendous potentials but not many are consistent to do art as their chosen profession.

Ignasius was recently awarded as The Most Promising Artist of the Year in UOB Indonesia Painting of the Year 2016. His award winner painting with the title of Khanikla Mey Moyo Yarate Ate tells the story of Papua.

The paintings of Ignasius Dicky Takndare exhibited in Bentara Budaya, Yogyakarta, 15 – 23 October 2016 via serunai.co

His path in the art of painting started when he won the first prize of the Indonesia Panorama Drawing Competition held by Galeri Nasional Indonesia (Indonesian National Gallery). The competition is aimed to serve as a basic competency competition for young drawing artists at the age of 17 to 30 years old. The tens of drawings that were selected came from all over Indonesia. The competition brought up an important topic of understanding the local wisdom.

The award winning drawing of Ignasius is entitled as Werupak Elosak. The drawing was made on an A2 paper using colored pencils. The drawing depicted a 234 years old mummy in Papua of a man named Werupak Elosak. Werupak Elosak’s mummy wears a traditional clothing such as koteka and is still in good condition. He was a war leader who died of a sege (spear) wound. The wound is still visible even until today. Besides for commemorating his merits, he was mummified under his own will.

According to the judges, the winners of the competition met all the aspects of art norms, whether technical or non-technical aspects. The capacity of their drawings exceeded the drawings of the other 150 participants. The drawing of Ignasius it self have delicate shadings with good technical implementation, great personal touches, interesting visualization and have a strong local theme.

Werupak Elosak by Ignasius Dicky via sarasvati.co


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