Jayapura Public Hospital Will Improve the Medical Access for Heart Disease in Papua

Good news for cardiac patients in Papua, especially the residents of Jayapura. The medical service for cardiac patients in Jayapura Public Hospital have now been improved with the new cooperation with Harapan Kita Hospital in Jakarta.

The General Affairs Assistant of Papua Province Regional Secretariate, Rosina Upessy, said that heart disease in Papua is still the number one killer. This is caused by the lack of knowledge on healthy lifestyle such as bad diet, no regard for rest and work hours, and not accustomed to do general check up. The majority of the sufferers also lack the medical access, hence, can not be handled fast. Hence, the Papua Province put heart disease in Papua as one of the priorities to address, to prevent the increase of the number of heart disease sufferers.

Fortunately, Jayapura Public Hospital has just started a cooperation with Harapan Kita Hospital from Jakarta to provide cardiac catheterization. The service will be opened in february 2017, hence the patients in Jayapura Public Hospital would not need to be referred to bigger hospitals for cardiac catheterization. Jayapura Public Hospital is the biggest hospital in Eastern Indonesia, which means that the referral hospital would be located outside of Papua. This would cost huge effort and money.

heart disease in paua
Jayapura Public Hospital via suarapapua.com

The cooperation was marked with the signage of both hospitals’ representatives, which are the Director of jayapura Public Hospital, Joseph Rinta, and the Director of Harapan Kita Hospital, Hananto. The cooperation agreement was signed in January 5th of 2017 in Jakarta.

The catheterization medical instrument has been installed in Jayapura Public Hospital. Harapan Kita Hospital would also give periodic support and assistance for providing medical Doctors and training the doctors in Jayapura Public Hospital as well as the operation of the medical instruments.

Cardiac Catheterization is the action to implement cardiac diagnosis and treat several heart conditions, included the arteries. The procedure of cardiac catheterization covers inserting a thin pipe called the catheter into the vein or artery in the groin, neck or arms, which will be proceeded into the blood vessels in the heart. Using this catheter, doctors can perform check up for heart condition diagnosis. several heart disease therapies can also be conducted during the heart catheterization, such as coronary angioplasty.

Jayapura Public Hospital it self only have three cardiologists. In the future, they hope to be able to continuously improve their facilities to be able to perform an open heart surgery.

Rinta explained that the number of heart patients in Jayapura have increased in the recent years. The cardiology in Jayapura Public Hospital take 50 patients per day, and some even need to receive advance treatments or intervention. Hence, the catheterization instrument would be an important addition to battle heart disease in Papua. Not to mention that the patients would no longer need to go to other hospitals which would cost them a lot of efforts and money.


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