Jokowi’s Fifth Visit to West Papua to Inaugurate 6 Electricity Infrastructures

President Joko Widodo, well known by the name of Jokowi, is on his Presidential visit to West Papua, starting from Monday morning (17/10). President Jokowi and his wife Mrs Iriana, took-off from Adi Soemarmo Air Force base with Indonesia-1 Presidential Airplane, Central Java, for his trip to West Papua. This visit is the fifth time since he becomes the 7th President of the Republic of Indonesia. In this visitation, he’s going to inaugurate 6 electricity infrastructures in West Papua. The six electricity infrastructures are Orya Genyem 2 x 10 MW Hydroelectric Power Plant, Mini Hydro Prafi Power Plant 2 x 1, 25 MW, Very High Voltage Air Lines (VHVPL) of 70 kilo Volt along Genyem-Waena-Jayapura, with the total circuit of 174,6 km, Holtekamp 70 kilo volts VHVPL in Jayapura with a total circuit of 43,4 km consisting of Waena–Sentani 20 Mega Volts Ampere Electrical Main Depot and Jayapura 20 Mega Volt Ampere Electrical Main Depot.

electricity infrastructures in West Papua
President Jokowi talking to Papua Governor Lukas Enembe during his fifth visit to Papua. Via

The Inauguration of the 6  electricity infrastructures are expected to help the people in Papua to meet their electricity demand. The General Manager of State Electrical Company (PLN) of Papua and West Papua Provinces (WP2B), Yohanes Sukrilismono, hopes that the visit of President Jokowi to Papua will push the acceleration of development in West Papua.

PLN is planing to build many electricity power plants that will be completed in 2020. Some of the power plants are Thermal Power Generation in Holtekam, Oil & Gas Power Plant (will be built next year), mobile power plant in Holtekam, and many other power plants, distributed in West Papua. According to the President Director of PLN, Sofyan Basir, PLN has already spent 7 trillion IDR for the project of building many electricity infrastructures in West Papua, cited from AntaraPapua.

Before the inauguration, President Jokowi will start his visit in West Papua by visiting an elementary school in Jayapura Regency, to attend the Food Supplement Distribution (PMT) program, a program to distribute additional food for pregnant women, toddlers, and elementary students. President Jokowi will also hand over the food subsidy. In every Presidential visit, Jokowi has always stated the importance of PMT for the development and future of children. He said that its an important investment for the future generation of Indonesia.

Another example for the development of electricity in Papua comes from Timika. The Indonesian State Electricity Company (PLN) is going to build a Power Plant Powered by Oil & Gas (PLTMG) in Timika, Papua, in early 2017. PLN wants improve the electrification in Papua, and Timika in particular, by building PLTMG, where they can create more electricity to meet the electricity demand of the people in Timika.

West Papua Will Shine Bright in 2019

President Jokowi has asked for the electricity infrastructure project development to be accelerated. The reason is, due to the electrification of West Papua that has only reached 47 percent, meaning, only 53 percent of people in Papua have not enjoyed electricity.

It is acknowledged that the challenges of building infrastructure in West Papua is different than in other parts of Indonesia. The natural conditions are challenging. However, the President does not want it to be an excuse, he wants the development to be accelerated. In his observation, it can already be completed in 2019, with approximately 240 Mega Watt of electricity increase and 90 percent of electrification.

President Director of PLN, Sofyan Basirhas also promised that all Sub Districts in West Papua will shine bright in 2020. He also agreed with President Jokowi that the development can be accelerated to be completed in 2019, aside from the challenging natural conditions in West Papua, as he has witnessed him self when he visited Wamena and Nduga, and later on he will also visit Yakuhimo.


Development in Indonesia Must Be Equally Distributed

Furthermore, according to Head of Press Bureau, Media and Information of Presidental Secretariate, Bey Machmudin, President Jokowi shares his vision that development should not only be accelerated in West Papua, but also all over Indonesia. Hence, all parts of Indonesia have the same infrastructure, economic growth and industrial growth. This vision comes from the demand to meet the need of the people and to move the economic wheel.

Along with President Joko Widodo, also present in the event, in Jayapura, 17 October of 2016, the first lady Iriana, Minister of State Owned Company, Rini Soemarno, Head of Presidential Staff, Teten Masduki, Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe and President Director of PLN, Sofyan Basir.


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