Maybrat Region: The Home of Mesmerizing Lakes in Papua

Papua has many alluring natural attractions. Fascinating landscapes and abundant biodiversity is a common thing in Papua. Among all of those fascinating travel choices in Papua, the destination that you should not miss are the Maybrat Region lakes in Papua. The lakes that have mesmerizing blue water that will spoil your eyes are Ayamaru, Framu Ayamaru and Uter Lake.


Ayamaru and Framu Ayamaru Lakes

Ayamaru Lake is an exotic lake located in Ayamaru district, Maybrat region. It is a natural heritage of Ayamaru which is hidden in West Papua. It is located around 216 km from Sorong and it can be reached by land or air transportation.


To get there by land transportation, it will take about 6 – 7 hours of travel. As for air transportation, it will take about forty minutes. When you arrive, you will see a pristine lake that is still well preserved through the local wisdom of the people of Ayamaru.

Lakes in Maybrat Region, West Papua, that Mesmerized
Ayamaru Lake via

This fascinating lake is surrounded by wonderful nature with a rich biodiversity. The people believes that the land is the body of their ancestors and the trees are their ancestors’ hair. The local people also believes that the spirit of their ancestors reside in the lake and bless this lake with abundant of fish to fulfill their descendants’ livelihood.


The lake, besides being the source of their livelihood, also serves other functions, such as transportation between districts and as a tourism attraction. Furthermore, if you walk through the woods, in about 30-45 minutes you will find another hidden paradise near Ayamaru lake.


The hidden paradise is called Framu Ayamaru lake that will pamper your eyes with its clear blue water. The lake is surrounded by cliffs that seems like it serves to protect the hidden jewel. You can even see the fishes dancing in the crystal clear water.

Lakes in Maybrat Region, West Papua, that Mesmerized
Framu Ayamaru Lake via


Uter Lake

Another exotic and mesmerizing lake in Maybrat Region, West Papua, is the Uter Lake in Aitinyo District. The exquisite lake lies in the deep of the forest where not many people know. No pollution exist in this place and the water is transparent. This lake can probably be said as the cleanest lake in Indonesia.

Lakes in Maybrat Region, West Papua, that Mesmerized
Uter Lake via

Since the location is deep inside the forest, you will need to take a long and winding road to get here. If you come from Sorong, it will take around 5 hours to get to Sris village, where Uter lake lies. If you took an airplane and arrive at Kambuaya airport, it will take only around 1 hour and then you must take a land trip for another one hour to get to Sris village.


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