Brace Yourself, LRT Will be Coming Soon in Papua

The Indonesian government is up on their heels to improve the transportation infrastructures in Papua. Currently, they are building Trans Papua Roads, Train, Sea Tolls, and many more. By building more transportation infrastructures, they want to help the distribution of goods and better inter-connectivity in Papua. Furthermore, the government also hopes that with these developments, the economic growth and welfare in Papua will be improved.

Currently, there is also good news from the local government of Papua. The Provincial Government of Papua is planning to build light train or LRT (Light Rail Transit) that spans around 37 kilometer (km) from Mandala Stadium in Jayapura to Sentani Airport in Jayapura Regency. There are more good news. To ensure the quality and safety of the train, they will order the train from Japan. The train that is going to be used is the same as the one that’s being used in Japan for their public transportation.

LRT illustration. Via

“This light train are made in Japan. The purchase is due to the consideration that right now, Japan is most advanced in railways industry. Why do we use light train? Because this will be used for urban areas, so its focusing on public transportation,” said LRT Development Planning Consultant, Domonggus Urbon, as cited from Okezone.

Because of the topography in Papua and the lack of land that can be used as roads, train becomes one of the solution that is chosen by the Provincial Government of Papua. The reason why they are choosing light train or Light Rail Transit in Papua is because they can build the rails above, crossing mountainous area in Syklop and beaches in Jayapura City.

“The development of Light Rail Transit in Papua from Mandala Stadium to Sentani will help the realization of a more effective and efficient public transportation that can also boost tourism in Jayapura,” said LRT Development Planning Consultant, Domonggus Urbon, cited from detik.

There will be 11 stations for the Light Rail Transit in Papua, which are, in front of the Mandala Stadium, the Governor’s Office, GOR, Mesran Terminal, Hamadi Market, Entrop, Youtefa Abepura Market, Tanah Hitam or Abe Beach, Expo Waena, Harapan Village, and the Station near Sentani Airport.

With these developments, the Provincial Government of Papua hopes that it will solve the public transportation problems in Papua. In addition, they also want to ensure the best public transportation for the Papuan people. The existence of Light Rail Transit in Papua will give the Papuan people a more convenient and comfortable public transportation, not to mention that they will also use a train from a leading country in terms of train technology.


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