Margaretha Herawati: Gold For Papua

Margaretha Herawati, an athlete from Papua has made her province proud. In the National Sport Week (PON) XIX, West Java, 2016, she has won a gold medal in Pool Diving. This is the first for the Papuan contingent.

Margaretha Herawati
Margaretha Herawati (Center) bit her gold medal via

Margaretha Herawati has also broke the national record, in 50,11 seconds, from the previous record of 50,34 seconds. She has also broke her own record in PON XVIII Riau, with a record note of 00:51:41. Margaretha, for her achievement of breaking the record, has been rewarded a bonus of 50 million IDR by the Committee of Indonesian National Sport (KONI) and the Papua government. Hence, the total reward received by this athlete reached 650 million IDR.

This graduate majoring in sports at the Jakarta State University (UNJ) was at first only trying out. She did not think she would be a bifins athlete, because she was previously a swimmer. Her first time for bifins was in National Championship of diving in Senayan. At the time she didn’t even have bifins equipment. She had to borrow it from friends. However, she broke the national record of 100 m. At the 2005 SEA Games in Philippines and 2007 SEA Games in Thailand she was still competing for swimming. After the 2008 PON, she then started bifins.  In May 2016, at the National Competition of Finswiming Junior and Senior, she also won four gold medals for the categories of 400 m female bifins, 200 m female bifins, 100 m female bifins, and 50m female bifins. She is also the daughter of a bicycle race athlere in SEA Games of 1971.

At the national selection for the 2009 Asian Indoor Games, she broke the Asian record of bifins at 100 m, previously held by a Korean athlete. After that achievement, she became the representative of Indonesia in the Asian Indoor Games in Hanoi, Vietnam. Where she also won the gold medal. She managed to beat Japanese champions. Her time record was 50.81 seconds. Currently, she’s waiting for her enrollment in a Master Degree German scholarship majoring in Sport Psychology at the University of Leipzig and Cologne University

In the 200 meters female bifins competition on the second day, Margaretha Herawati  has succeeded to won a silver medal for Papua. Margaretha was defeated by an athlete from Jakarta, Joanita Mutiara Hapsari with a 1 minute and 51.08 seconds record, while Margaretha has successfully finished the match with a record time of 1 minute 53.63 seconds. Whereas Margaretha beat Joanita in her previous competition where she won the gold medal, with a record time of 1 minute 57.44 seconds. Margaretha was winning in the first 50 meters, but at 50 meters, however Joana managed to level up with Margaretha, and at the final 100 meters, this athlete from Jakarta successfully passed Margaretha.

On September 21, she will compete again in Indramayu for open water competition at the sea depth of 10 kilometers. She said that the people of Papua should be more motivated in promoting diving pool sport. Moreover, because in 2020, Papua will host the upcoming PON.


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