Mimika Sport Complex is Ready for PON XX/2020 in Papua

Papua will be the host of Indonesia National Sport Week of 2020 or PON XX/2020. Although it is still far, but the local government of Papua has already started to prepare the facilities for PON XX/2020 in Papua. The preparation has started since last year by developments of supporting infrastructures for the venue, including improving road infrastructures and expanding a number of airports. Papua Governor Lucas Enembe, said that Papua is ready to host PON XX/2020 in Papua with all of their abilities and their available resources.

PON XX/2020 in Papua
Lukas Enembe is preparing for PON XX/2020 in Papua via Beritajujur.com

“We are ready to hold PON XX/2020 in Papua, because PON is not just a National Sport event but will also become the means to unite Indonesia through sport,” said Lucas Enembe, Cited from Industry.

The Regent of Mimika Regency, Eltinus Omaleng said that his regency has provided 30 hectares of land for sport facilities building, in Cenderawasih SP2 Street, more precisely in front of the DPRD Office in Mimika. They are planning to build main stadium facilities and other supporting facilities that will be used for a number of matches in PON 2020.

In order to build better facilities for PON XX/2020 in Papua, the local government of Papua will also cooperate with private companies, one of them is Freeport Indonesia. The company of Freeport Indonesia is now building Mimika Sport Complex in Timika, as one of their cooperation with the Papuan government for PON XX/2020 in Papua. Mimika Sport Complex is designated for athletics, volleyball, badminton and basketball matches during PON XX/2020 in Papua. It is built in 25.5 hectare of land for around 25 million US Dollar of funds.

On 6 December 2016, Freeport Indonesia has finished building Mimika Sport Complex. The Mimika Sport Complex itself is allegedly has luxurious facilities with international level. For the building of Mimika Sport Complex, Freeport Indonesia also cooperates with other private companies and government entities such as Housing Development company, State-owned Enterprises and Local Government enterprises. Mimika Sport Complex is going to be managed by professional institutions. This is conducted to ensure that the quality of its services match with the quality of its facilities.

“We do not want this place to be just like others facilities that are being built with expensive costs but in the end perished because there are no particular institution to specially maintain and manage those facilities. We want Mimika Sport Complex to be joint-managed by the local government and Freeport Indonesia through a third party,” said the Manager of Special Project Technical Services of PT Freeport Indonesia, Deny Hudijana, cited from AntaraPapua.

The Papua government also hopes that Freeport Indonesia will also help them in building other sport facilities that will be used for PON XX/2020 in Papua. They also hope that the state owned and local government enterprises, along with other private companies would be committed to support Mimika Sport Complex.


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