Overcoming The Distance With the First Papua Flight School

Next month, Papua will have their first flight school in Biak, Papua. Moreover, the school itself will be inaugurated by President Joko Widodo him self. 

The Chief of Traditional Community Association (LMA) of Papua, who serves as Special Presidential Staff, Lenis Kogoya, said that President Jokowi will visit papua at the second week of October. One of the agenda is, that he will inaugurate the flight school located at Frans Kaisiepo Airport and former Merpati Airline office, Biak Numfor, Papua.

papua flight school
Illustration. Via investigasibrief.com


“At the second week of October, President is scheduled to visit Papua. One of the agenda is inaugurating flight school in Biak, Papua,” said Lenis after his meeting with President Jokowi in the Presidential Complex, Jakarta, Monday (26/9/2016)

Lenis said that the flight school is specifically intended for the people of Papua. The goal is, that the youth of Papua can contribute in Indonesian aviation. This is in line with President Jokowi’s wishes.

“The President wishes that the Papuans will not only become the spectators of air transportation developments, but can also be active in the aviation world. Furthermore, the Papuans can directly get involved in developing Papua,” said the Chief of Traditional Community Association of Papua.

The Flight School is established with a private partnership from Mandiri Utama Flight Academy (MUFA), and the Traditional Community Association (LMA) of Papua Province. All of the school necessities such as classrooms, dormitories, administrative offices, hangar, funding, the teachers and other facilities, has been prepared. Moreover, nine airplanes will also be sent to Biak.

Lenis aims to have 30-40 people that will become the first students in the flight school. Later on, the students will join the Papua Pilots Association led by Lenis. Some of the students from Papua who have been schooled by the local government at a flight school in Banten will be brought back to Papua when the Papua flight school has been opened. Thus, these Papuan new generation of pilots will immediately learn to fly airplanes in accordance with Papua’s unique geographical conditions, which is mountainous with strong winds.

“There are a lot mountains and clouds there. Hence, they need to have on-hand practice and adapt to the nature. The can get used to it, and become reliable pilots,” added Lenis.

This Flight School is a very good improvement for Papua. Especially, considering that Papua is a land with challenging conditions for transportation. Following the ongoing developments for air transportation in Papua, such as new airport developments, airport renovations and improvements, and procurement of airplane in remote places in Papua, now, Papua have stepped up their game by developing their human resources for air mobility. For what is an equipment without the human that masters it. Flight School in Papua would hopefully bring forth Papuan bright new youths that can take flight and give more access for Papua.


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