Papua Health Card: Free Medication for Indigenous People

Health is very important and also very expensive, because once people get sick, they have to put a lot of money for the medication. That is why, sometimes people who doesn’t have enough money can’t get the adequate treatment for their illness, worse, they can’t even get any treatment at all. Especially, for those who live in the countryside or remote places, where they don’t have the same access as the people who live in the cities. The worst part is, the medical infrastructure in Papua is sometimes inadequate. However, slowly but sure, its all going to change with the Papua Health Card (KPS).


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Papua Health Card program has been launched since 2014. Its main purpose is to help the indigenous people in Papua to get free medication when they are sick or if they want to get a health check-up. This program is developed to help the indigenous people in Papua to get better health. The Head of Health Department of Papua Province, Drg. Aloysius Giyai, said that the government has already funded around 800 million IDR for Papua Health Card (KPS) since 2014, cited from Kompas. This year, the local government has already given 300 billion IDR allocated for KPS program.

Giyai also said that, the indigenous people of Papua who has already been signed as the holder of Papua Health Card can get free medical treatments in any public hospitals and also four private hospitals that are partnering with the local government.

One of the public hospital, Paniai Regional Public Hospital (RSUD), even stated that since January until August 2016, they already serve 23,195 Papua Health Card holders. They also said that from 23,195 patients, 1,555 are inpatients and 35 of them are referral patients. The Director of Paniai RSUD, Dr. Agus, said that, his hospital also give free medication for the indigenous people from Papua even though they do not have Papua Health Card or any other Health Cards, cited from AntaraPapua.

Currently, Papua Health Card has reached 3.9 million Papuan indigenous people who get free medication service in the last three years. Not only free medication, Papua Health Card also give free transportation using four airplanes for the Papuan indigenous people who live in remote places.

Other than Papua Health Card, currently, there are many programs that are going to be launched by the government, such as leprosy and cataract eradication which was started in Mimika, papua.

The health of the Papuan people are very important for the government, hence they are trying their very best in developing programs for better health conditions, especially for the Papuan indigenous people. By doing that, hopefully the health of the Papuan people and their standard of live will improve.


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