PLN Papua Builds 54 Gas Power Plants to Support Electricity in Papua

Electricity in Papua have many challenges because there are many villages that are still remote and hard to access. These conditions are making the supply of electricity very hard to do. According to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Ignasius Jonan, there are around 2,500 villages in Indonesia that still don’t have electricity, most of them are in Papua, around 2,300 villages.

But worry not, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and State-Owned Electricity Company (PLN) is now trying their best to find the solution for these problems. One of them is by permitting private companies to build their own power plant to support the supply of electricity in Papua. They can build their own electricity network and are authorized to sell to people who live in remote places. Hopefully, with this step the electricity in Papua will increase. Currently electrification in Indonesia is still around 88%, but hopefully with this development, by 2019, electrification would be 95%.

Electricity in Papua
PLN Gas Power Plant. Via

Furthermore, PLN in Papua will build 54 Gas Power Plants in order to help the electricity provisioning in Papua. Right now, they have already conducted feasibility study for building that infrastructures. This program is a part of the realization of 35 hundred MW mega projects in Papua. According to the Head of Corporate Communications of PLN, I Made Suprateka, gas power plant is important for the 35.000 MW project, because it can supply 13.400 MW or 38% of that project.

For this project, PLN in Papua will cooperate with the Regional Manager of Kellog Brown and Root (KBR) Indonesia Keith Garry to work on the feasibility study regarding patterns of gas provisioning in Papua, thus the power plant development and design engineering for Infrastructures of Gas Power Plant in East Indonesia can be maximized.

“Through this cooperation agreement, PLN in Papua will get the optimum and integrated design of the logistic pattern and design engineering for the utilization of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), especially for East Indonesia,” said the Head of Gas and Fuel PLN Chairani Rachmatullah, cited from liputan6.

“The use of LNG will increase around 300% in 2025,” said Made Suprateka, cited from

In the future, the use of fossil fuel will decrease, hence, PLN in Papua want to increase the use of LNG for their power plants. The Gas Power Plants will help the electricity in Papua. With this development, PLN in Papua will be able to access the most remote places in Papua. With the help of PLN Gas Power Plants in Papua  and private electricity companies it is hoped that the Brighter Papua in 2019 program will be successful. 

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