Radio Market Program from RRI Expands Its Broadcast to Sorong

Radio of the Republic of Indonesia (RRI) will expand the broadcasting service coverage to Sorong, Papua. This will enable people who lives in remote places to break their isolation by getting more information, such as in the far corners of Sorong, Papua. RRI in Papua can also play a vital role in developing Papua’s economy.

RRI in Papua
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Currently, more than 70% people in Sorong can enjoy RRI’s broadcast. The service coverage is also very wide, which includes Sorong City, Sorong Regency, South Sorong Regency,  Maybrat Regency, Tambrauw Regency, and Raja Ampat. However, RRI in Papua, and Sorong in particular is lacking in man power and supporting infrastructures.

Recently, they’ve also launched a new program that they call Radio Market Program that focuses on Central Market of Remu Sorong. Head of RRI Sorong, Joko Purnomo, in Sorong, Monday (10/10/2016), said that Radio Market Program will be broadcasting market problems in Sorong, hence it can be solved immediately and to improve the economy of the people in Sorong. He also said that because the market is the central economy, in order to solve its problems, we need to discuss the issues publicly.

This program will also promote and discuss the market’s dynamic, including the sellers, buyers, and also other parties involved, in order to find solutions better for market problems .

“We are hoping that the Radio Market Program will benefit the people in Sorong City, especially those who are doing business in the market, to improve their livelihood,” he said.

The Mayor of Sorong, Lambert Jitmau, gives high appreciation for this program and said that it will help the local government to find solutions for the economic problems in the market. He also expressed his gratitude to Institute of Public Broadcasting (LPP) of RRI Sorong that has shown their concern and initiatives to the development process, especially the problems in Remu Market.

“This program is very positive and we support it. We hope that whatever problems Sorong Market have, it can be broadcast-ed in order to collectively find the best solution, together with the local government and all the parties involved,” said Jitmau.

With the help of the broadcasts carried out by RRI in Papua, and the cooperation with local government, not only will this program give solutions for the market, but it can also accelerate the economic development in Sorong. Accelerating the economical development in Papua is one of the main goals of the central government and this program is definitely on point for the people in Papua.


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