Ramses Ohee: West Papuans are Indonesians With Melanesian roots

The history of the inclusion of West Irian (Papua) into the territory of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) is already lawful and proper. It does not need to be questioned and tampered with. This was revealed by Papuan figure, Ramses Ohee in Jayapura on Thursday, regarding his respond to a number of people who still have concerns about the inclusion of the history of Papua into Indonesia that has been established through the Act of Free Choice (Pepera) in 1969.

Ramses asserted, there are those who deliberately distort the history of Papua to keep the conflict in Papua. Further, he explained, the historical facts showed that the desire of the Papuan people have emerged since the implementation of the Youth Pledge, October 28, 1928. Unfortunately, there are those who think that the Youth Pledge was not attended by the youth of Papua. This is incorrect, because on the contrary, the Papuan youths attended and pledged together with youth from other areas. His father, Poreu Ohee is one of the Papuan youths who were present at the time.

ramses ohee
Father giving Indonesia flag to his son. Via papuaindonesia.net


As for those who distort history and still deny the reality of integration of Papua into the Republic of Indonesia, Ramses did not blame them for the lack of understanding on the matter. According to him, the thing to realize is that the existence of the state is a blessing of God Almighty, that we should be grateful to make a positive contribution to the development in Papua. Based on historical records, on October 1, 1962 the Dutch government in West Irian succeeded this territory to the United Nations (UN) through the United Nations Temporary Executive Authority (UNTEA) until May 1, 1963. After that date, the Dutch flag was taken down and replaced by the Indonesian flag and the UN flag.

Furthermore, the United Nations devise an agreement known as the “New York Agreement” to provide opportunity to the people of West Irian polled by the Act of Free Choice in 1969 represented by 175 people as a representatives of the eight districts of the time. The results showed the people of West Irian agreed to unite with the Indonesian government.


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