Say no to Corruption in Papua

The Ministry of Finance holds a tremendous position in the welfare of Indonesia and its people. Through this institution, tax money are being collected and monitored. Which means the development and the distribution of the nation’s wealth depends on one of this key entity. Especially to areas which are far from the capital such as Papua. Hence, they hold five very meritable values, which are integrity, professionalism, synergy, service, and perfection which applies to all government entities under their authority, included the Papua-Maluku Regional Office of the Directorate General of Tax (DJP). Recently, they held a social event of say no to corruption in Papua.

The Papua-Maluku Regional Office of the Directorate General of Tax held a social event to show support for the cause of say no to corruption in Papua. The event is marked by the distribution of roses to the drivers in Abepura street. As much as 200 roses were being distributed on 9 December of 20016.

Through this event, the Regional Office of DJP Papua-Maluku wants to ask the people to participate in preventing corruption in Papua. Simply by not participating in the corruption it self, for example bribing the officials to avoid paying taxes would give tremendous help.

The Head of General Division of DJP Papua and Maluku Regional Office explained that the movement started from Ambon, Sorong, Timika, Biak, Merauke and finally Jayapura. The movement was being centralized in the Abepura square as a strategic place to reach a lot of people.

The Regional Office of the Directorate General of Tax wants the tax payers to understand that it is necessary to pay the tax for the country’s development. However that would mean they need to convince the people how secure and corruption free the tax system is.

corruption in papua
The Government Officials of Papua-Maluku regional Office of the Directorate General of Tax via


The tax payment system in Indonesia has done many improvements to prevent the tax officials to nip the tax payment from tax payers. The Directorate General of Tax has also developed the whistle blowing system, where all shareholders can monitor and report tax officials who violates the ethic code.

In the other hand, besides not participating in corruption, the people are also encouraged to pay the tax. Tax is crucial for the development of a country and the welfare of its people. In 2016, from 55 million people who are illegible as individual tax payers, only 20 million are active tax payers. While only 500 thousand private business entities have become taxpayers from 12.9 private business entities.


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