Jokowi Has Been Invited to the Debate of West Papua Governor Candidates

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is well known for his huge concern for Papua and its people well being. Therefore, under his administration, he is now focusing on developing the infrastructure and the human resources in Papua. During a couple of years in his administration, he has visited Papua six times. Hence, it’s no wonder that Jokowi has been invited to attend the upcoming debate of West Papua Governor candidates in 20 January and 2 February 2017.

the debate of West Papua Governor Candidates
Jokowi is invited to attended the debate candidate for Governor of West Papua. Via cnnindonesia.

The Regional Election Commission of West Papua has invited Jokowi to attend the debate of West Papua Governor candidates. Therefore, Jokowi can be informed of their visions and missions in developing West Papua. During, the debate of West Papua Governor candidates, the candidates will provide feedbacks and ideas to solve a number of problems in West Papua. This step is crucial for the election, because it gives the voters insights regarding the candidates in order for them to choose wisely.

“The panelist team is also ready. Just now, we have already hold a meeting between the candidates and all of the panelists. We hope that this debate will run smoothly and the people of Papua can get a better understanding about the best leader that they can choose,” said the Regional Election Commission of West Papua Amus Atkana, cited from PapuaBarat.Antaranews.

The Panelist team that has been invited to the debate of West Papua Governor candidates are academia from Papua University in Manokwari; Muhammadiyah University in Sorong; and Hasanuddin University in Makassar. The presence of the academia in this debate is hoped to generate feedbacks, not only to the debate itself, but also to the problems in West Papua.

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There will be three candidates that will attend the debate of West Papua Governor candidates. The candidates are  Dominggus Mandacan-Mohammad Lakotani, Irene Manibuy-Abdullah Manaray, and Stepanus Malak-Hindom.

The debate of West Papua Governor candidates will be broadcasted live, in order for the people, especially West Papuan people, can witness it from their homes. It is hoped that with this debate, the West Papuan people will get more insights and can choose the best leader to lead the West Papua Province towards a brighter future.


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