The Deepest Cave in the World is Located in Papua

Papua is one of the most exotic places in the world. It holds many beautiful places like mountains, forests, rivers, mangroves, and many other gorgeous natural sceneries. One of the tallest mountain in the world is located in Papua, which is the Jayawijaya mountain. Moreover, Papua also have the deepest cave in the world.

On 1994, a Speleology Expedition Team from France has discovered a very deep cave in Lina Mountain, Irameba Village, Manokwari Regency. The expedition is the fourth expedition carried out in Papua by the Speleology Expedition Team. The first expedition was in 1988 and the second one was in 1989. However, the two expeditions failed. Fortunately, on 1991, the expedition team has finally found a new ray of light for the existence of the deepest cave in Papua. They’ve found a small hole around Ransiki, Mamei, and Isim areas. This discovery is soon followed by the fourth expedition by the Speleology team which lead to their discovery of the cave in Papua.

the deepest cave in the world
Beautiful Scenery of Arfak Mountain in Manokwari Regency.


According to the expedition team leader, Bruno Thery, in his report he mentioned that the cave is 2,000 meter deep, thus becomes the deepest cave in the world. Followed by the caves in France (1,610 m), Russia (1,500 m), and Spain (1,500 m). Thery also said that this cave is excellent as the object of research and tourism.

Therefore, the discovery of the deepest cave in Papua and the world itself has been publicized around the world. It is especially interesting for the European and American people because Caving is a very well appreciated sport by their public. The beauty of the cave itself is pronounced by the thick forest and its unspoiled natural beauty. Moreover, this cave also have a diverse fauna, which adds to the beauty of the cave itself.

In this cave, there are six species of birdwing butterfly (Ornithoptera rohchildi) which strives with a high population. The cave is also inhabited with big mammals, birds, and many other rare species of flora. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has also found that the cave is the breeding ground for dozens of bat species. Hence, this cave has always been one of the most observed cave by scientists around the world.


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