When Trans Papua Is Ready, Moms Would Be Happy

When we’re talking about Trans Papua, we will automatically talk about Papua. Papua is indeed special. Not only for the beauty of its nature, but also for its culture and customs that are still strongly maintained. However, there’s one thing that is also special, the prices. The prices in Papua are special because of how mindblowingly high they are.


Trans Papua
Construction of Trans Papua Road. Via aktual.com

The difference between prices in Papua and in other places, for example Jakarta, are far and between. To be able to enjoy one 330 ml small package of mineral water that is usually priced around 2,000-3,000 IDR in other places, in the land of the birds of paradise, becomes 15,000 IDR. For a mineral water that is abundantly produced in mountain springs, you can buy 2 liters of rice in Java. Then there’s the price of a piece of chicken in Ilaga-Papua that costs around 90,000 IDR – 100,000  IDR, also 1 liter of frying oil costs 50,000 IDR, and per liter of fuel oil can costs up to 50,000 IDR.

Is there anything pricier than those? Yes there is.

Allegedly, if you want to own a car in Puncak Papua, you need to have twice the selling price of one car, because the costs to transport it to Puncak Papua Province is the same with the car price. This fact is confirmed by the Head District of Puncak, Willem Wandik, “We bought a new car from the lowland for operational in Ilaga. Currently, we have developments for Hospitals and other things. The transporting cost is the same with buying a new car, which is 250 million IDR. Sometimes it even reached to 300 million IDR”.

Indeed, because of the challenging condition of transportation, prices went high. Moms often wail because of this. Hence, the development of the infrastructure of road is the solution. Trans Papua road is a solid prove from the Jokowi-JK governance to cut the challenging value chain of goods in Papua.

Through the Ministry of Works and Transport, the development of Trans Papua Road has been ongoing for two years in various area in Papua, covering Ilaga, Grasberg, Wamena, Timika, and Puncak Papua. According to Minister of Works and Transport, Basuki Hadimuljono, Trans Papua can suppress the prices in Papua.

“When we have all the roads connected, prices can be decreased up to 50%,” said Basuki, during a discussion with detikFinance in his office, Jakarta, Tuesday (12/1/2016).

Many parties hope that the development of this national road with the span of 4,325 km can improve the connectivity. Not only to suppress the prices supplied from Java and greater area but can also improve access to education, social connection between communities, and access to hospitals. Therefore, sa punya mama ikut senang (my mom would also be happy).


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