Strengthening The Connection with Trans Papua

The lush greeneries with amazing diversity of flora and fauna and its mountainous terrains make Papua one of the most beautiful places in the world. Yet it has contributed to some of the challenges in the infrastructure development. Besides the thick jungle which dominates Papua, its land surface is difficult. Very often, the construction had to deal with steep hills which need very solid and well planned roads. These factors gravely affect the transportation infrastructure in Papua with the impact on the accessibility and economic means.

Trans Papua Road Route. Via

These conditions are the reasons why the construction of Trans Papua has become the priority of Presidential Instruction No. 5/2007 (regarding the Acceleration of Development of Papua and West Papua). The 4.325 kilometers (km) road will connect the Papua province and West Papua. This is especially important since the main challenges of West Papua are its connectivity. The Government of Indonesia (GoI) hopes, that with the development of Trans-Papua, commodity prices in Papua which are currently higher than other places in Indonesia can be pushed.

Up to now, the construction has reached 3.667 km which is 85 percent of the total development. During the year of 2015 the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) has been able to open 169 km of new roadways. According to the data of Ministry of PUPR, in 2014 there are 827 km of roadways that has not been completed because it is still covered with jungle. At the end of 2015, 169 km of roads have been completed, with only 658 km left to build.

To complete this project the government still requires a budget of 6.5 trillion IDR. The budget to build per 1 km of road is 10 billion IDR. This budget would be used for the project that is targeted to be completed in 2018. The construction of Trans Papua consists of 12 packages with a fund in the amount of 40 trillion IDR.



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