Triton Bay: The Hidden Paradise in Papua

Discovering the beauty of West Papua  seems like a never ending task and there is not enough words to describe it. Today, Raja Ampat is one of the top destinations for diving and escaping from the crowded big cities. It is also a dream destination for divers around the world who wanted to dive in the best spots of Raja Ampat. But Papua is not only about Raja Ampat, there are still many places in West Papua that serve fascinating natural beauty that not many people know. One of them is Triton Bay in Kaimana region.

Kaimana water is the migration route, playground, and food lane for some marine mammals, especially Bryde’s Whale, Dolphins and Dugongs. Triton Bay is a cluster of towering coral islands that lies in the heart of Coral triangle and dotted with verdant trees.  It is located in Kampong Lobo, 40km of Southeast from the city of Kaimana, Kaimana district.

Triton Bay: The Hidden Paradise
Kaimana via

Triton Bay is not as famous as Raja Ampat, nevertheless, it has a wholesome fisheries coastal ecosystem. It has abundant and lively coral reefs, mangrove forests, seagrass, and sea life. Famous among the divers and marine biologisst, this amazing place offers beautiful landscape as well as a magnificent underwater view.

Triton Bay has a magnificent underwater resources, therefore many people call it The Fish Empire. It has 959 species of reef fish, 471 species of coral reef (16 of them are new species). The beauty of soft corals that are glowing at night is one of the natural underwater scenery in Triton Bay.

Triton Bay: The Hidden Paradise
Whale shark or Bryde’s whale via (Conservation International Indonesia)

It is also the home for the whale shark or Bryde’s whale (pronounced as “broo-dess”). Although they only eat anchovy and krill, they are the biggest fish in the world with a maximum size around 16 meters. Sadly, many of them are hunted for its oil. Fortunately, in Triton Bay the whale shark can live freely and peacefully because the local people do not hunt them. Although most of the people work as farmers and fishermen, they consider this big and beautiful animal as their family. They are pretty benign animals, thus people can dive alongside them. However, there are terms and conditions that need to comply. Divers should keep a 2 meters distance from the body and 3 meters from its tail. For those who don’t dive, you can enjoy whale sharks sightseeing when they emerge and spray water to the boat. For your information, in Triton bay you should bring your own equipment for diving and snorkeling.

Many people also call Triton Bay as Twilight Town and The Lost Paradise, because it gives lovely sunsets and sky scenery. For swimming and sunbathing, there is a beautiful white sands beach in Triton Bay, which is Ermun beach. More interesting site to visit is in Kampong Mai Mai area, where the prehistoric artifacts from the Mesolithic age can bee seen on the precipice of limestone-cliffs, with the length of about 1 meter, which portrayed human figures, plants, and reptiles.

Triton Bay: The Hidden Paradise
Prehistoric artifacts from the Mesolitikum age on the precipice of calk-cliff via

To go to Triton Bay, you can take a flight or ship to Kaimana. Then from Kaimana, there is a local government’s ship or community longboat in Kaimana’s port. This journey will take time as it stops in every village in Triton Bay, so it will take about 1-1.5 hours. There are also speedboats you can rent to take you directly to Triton Bay in 45 minutes, but it costs more. when you’re in Triton bay, you can stay at wooden lodging on local customs. If you have the budget and spirit to discover Triton Bay, now is the right time to go before others come.

Let’s discover this hidden paradise and preserve it for the next generation!


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