Vatican Ambassador for Indonesia is Visiting Papua

The Vatican Ambassador for Indonesia, Mgr Antonio Guido Filipazzi recently had his pastoral visit for four days to Timika and Agats Asmat Diocese, Papua Province. This visit is his first time since he was officially appointed as the Vatican Ambassador for Indonesia three years ago, by Pope Francis.

Mgr Antonio Guido Filipazzi
Mgr Antonio Guido Filipazzi. Via

“The Vatican Ambassador has arrived in Timika on Monday (10/10) morning and will continue his flight to Asmat to attend some activities. Next, the Ambassador will go back to Timika on Tuesday as a part of his pastoral visit, to meet the Catholic congregations in Timika Diocese,” said the Secretary General of Timika Diocese, Pastor Bernard SCJ, in Timika, Tuesday. (11/10)

He is also going to have a meeting with all the pastoral team in Timika Diocese. The team comes from many parishes, from Biak, Serui, Nabire (Cendrawasih Gulf Deaneries), Paniai Deaneries, Kamu-Mapia Deaneries, Moni-Puncak Jaya Deaneries and Mimika-Agimuga Deaneries. The meeting is going to be hold in the hall of Timika Diocese’s transit house at Cenderawasih SP2 Street, Timika, Tuesday evening.

One of the main activities during his visit in Agats Asmat Diocese is to attend a mass blessing and inaugurate the new Asmat carving museum, built in joint cooperation by Agats-Asmat Diocese with the district government. The blessing and inauguration are the main events in Asmat Cultural Party 2016 that has been held since 6 October in Agats City, the capital of Asmat District.

“He will present some animation and give encouragement to the church pastoral officers, so they can work while still paying attention on current news, developments and  situations in their working environment,” he said.  Each pastoral officers such as the Pastors, nuns, and community figures from the inland area have already been in Timika in the last one or two days just to attend this activity,” he added

Next on Wednesday (12/10), he is going to visit some of Timika Diocese pastoral’s work such as, Mitra Masyarakat Hospital (RSMM) in Timika, schools and Yohanes Paulus II seminary dorm at SP3 Karang Senang Village, Timika. His visit to Timika is purely for religious purposes, as Pastor Bernard has said, he has no agenda to meet with Timika district government or with the management of PT Freeport Indonesia. His visit is to meet and greet with the people of Timika. His visit also shows us Papua is open for cultural diversities and foreigners, whether as tourists or formal visits such as Pastor Bernard’s. 

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