West Mimika Villages Can Now Enjoy Bright Nights

Papua, one of the most beautiful province in eastern Indonesia has been the government’s focus for equal development. In order to create prosperity in villages and disadvantaged regions,┬áthe Indonesian government has developed Village Fund (Dana Desa) as one of their program. One of the success stories of Village Fund is West Mimika, a district that has enjoyed electricity financed by Village Fund in 2016.

West Mimika

West Mimika is a district in Mimika, Papua with an area of 2.914 km2, and located 50 Km from the Regency capital city, Timika. There are seven villages located in Mimika Region which are Atapo, Migiwia, Mimika, Kiyura, Kokonao, Apuri and Aparuka.

Village Fund

Village Fund is a financing program provided by the Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia. One of the goals of Village Fund is to create social justice and prosperity for villagers. The disbursement of Village Fund is conducted in a bank office located in the district center and attended by the village representative, Chief of District, and Chief of Police.

Electricity in West Mimika Villages

Village fund in Papua is very important to improve the social, education and economy of the Papuan villagers. One of the advantage is the provision of electricity in villages of Papua. Currently, electricity is now available in about a hundred villages in Papua and West Papua, which includes the villages in West Mimika.

The electricity is generated by generators that was bought from the village fund for seven villages in West Mimika. Each village has its own generator that can distribute electricity to the houses. The availability of electricity in this district is very helpful and useful for the villagers’ needs. Household chores has now become simpler to do with the help of electricity. Children can now study at night after helping their parents and do not have to do their homework in dim candle light. People can also do their daily activities at night in a safer and more productive ways.

Other Use of Village Fund

Other goals of Village Fund are to reduce poverty; by creating new jobs, making jobs easier and improving the economy of the villagers. Other financing using village fund are improvements of public facilities; transportation, building new ports and boat moorings, and of course, women empowerment.


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    Halo Papua News!

    Thanks for shedding light on a lot of positive things happening in West Papua. I am happy to hear that Papua is actually developing a lot. We see that many international media have been spreading bad news about the region and you guys come up with something different.

    Anyway, currently me and my team are working on spreading positive issues from Indonesia, especially from Papua. We would like to keep in touch with your team. Would you let us know how we could do that?

    Good News from Papua


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