Water Park During the 1 December 2016 Demonstration on Papua

On 1 December of 2016, a demonstration was carried out by some groups that demanded the referendum for the separation of West Papua from Indonesia. Several armored riot control vehicles were also present. Water cannon was also seen being used by the police during the  demonstration. In the midst of the nail biting moments, several interesting events, if not comical, occurred.

In this pic from Reuters Paris twitter account, we can see that during the 1 December 2016 demonstration on Papua, some protesters were having fun with the water cannon. We can even liken them with kids in the water park. So do these protesters take their fight to their heart, or their inner child?

1 December 2016 Demonstration on Papua
Protester gleefully showering with the water cannon via Reuters Paris twitter pic @beawiharta


An armored riot control vehicle isn’t necessary just to keep police and law enforcement protected. They are necessary for protecting citizens from the actions of one another. The Police in this event had carried out the right procedures to maintain peace and secure the perimeter.

The water cannon being used in this 1 December 2016 Demonstration on Papua is an armored riot control vehicle that is usually the first and often final defense for crowd control. Water cannon usually has three different jet pulse modes, which are short pulse, long pulse and continuous stream.

The police must have the capacity to understand the situation and able to control the stream of water. Hence, enabling them to choose the most appropriate level of strength and control necessary to keep the crowd safe yet contained.

From the footage on the above, we can see that the water cannon is set to a low and short pulse. The protesters were not being harmed and some even played with the water stream while doing victory poses.

In a nut shell, these groups have committed offences against the state. However, its good to know that the Police took the mildest and most cautious actions to secure the citizens. Even the ones who are, according to Criminal Act No. 106 of the Indonesian Law, have committed Offences Against the State. Its kinda refreshing really. At least we know the protesters felt really fresh!


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