Fundraising for Building New Church in Timika, Papua

For Christians, Christmas is a day of love, a celebration of the birth of their savior Jesus Christ who spread his love and joy to mankind. Therefore, during the upcoming Christmas day, the Christians usually spread their love and joy to the people around them. In Papua, to spread love and joy during Christmas, thousands of Catholics in Timika were fundraising for the construction of a new building for Stasi St Petrus Church in 27 November 2016.

The Bishop of the Diocese of Timika Mgr John Philip Saklil Pr.


The fundraising itself was lead by the Bishop of the Diocese of Timika Mgr John Philip Saklil Pr. The fundraising was being carried out with a traditional procession of ‘alas tikar’ and Pole Auction. According to the Head of Stasi St Petrus Kamoro Jaya-SP1 Timika Church Development Committee, Yulius Katagame, they need around 6.9 billion IDR for the church construction.

From the donation with the traditional procession of ‘alas tikar’, they’ve managed to collect funds of over a million IDR, while the Pole Auction has managed to get a rally support from 271 congregations. According to Yulius Katagame, they are targeting the church construction to be finished in the next six years.

“Today we are going to start the construction of the church new building which will be marked by the procession of placing the first brick. This symbolizes that SP1 Catholic is building a new life and renew their faith. We build this from our shortcoming, not from our abundance,” said Bishop John Saklil, cited from AntaraPapua.

John appreciates the spirit of the Catholics who want to help the construction of the new building for the church despite their lack of financial capacity. This is the prove that the Catholics in Papua are unified and care for their church. Furthermore, for the Catholics that can’t financially support the building of the church, they support it with men power, by helping the construction themselves.

On that occasion, Bishop John Saklil gave a sermon and reminder for his congregation, about the situation of the Papuan people. According to him, currently, there are many Papuan people in Timika that are wasting their life. They sell their land but doesn’t have any house because they spend all of their money to buy alcohol. He wish all of them to stop this bad habit.

Indeed, alcohol addiction is a bad habit that needs to be put to stop. Instead of wasting money on alcohol to get drunk, it is much better to spend those money to help the church. Not only will it help them, but it will also help to spread the messages of God.


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