Alluring Blue Waters in Papua

“Let the blue sky meet the blue sea and all is blue for a time” – Moncy Barbour.

Colors are some of god sent blessings for us. One color can be a mixture of 2 colors or more. Colors can show our emotion. Blue gives the impressions of calm, serene, cold, peaceful, sadness, and relax. When we see blue sky on a sunny day, it excites us to start our day and do outdoor activities. While blue water invites us to swim and immerse ourselves deep into the blue. Papua has this fascinating natural beauty of blue waters. There are unique places in Papua with uncommon blue water. Those unique beauty are the Blue River in Genyem village in Jayapura and Wopersnondi Blue Lake in East of Biak.

Blue River in Genyem, Papua.

Raja Ampat was known as the hidden paradise in Papua but it is now easier to go to Raja Ampat for many travelers and divers. Aside from diving in the dazzling beauty of Raja Ampat blue sea, there are also many other places to see. Raja Ampat is not only about blue seas, but also beautiful blue rivers as well. Hidden in the heart of Raja Ampat’s forest, there is a blue river named Kali Biru or literally means the Blue River. Located near the Warsandim village, it takes about 1 hour by speedboat from Waisai or Waigeo islands.

Alluring Blue Waters in papua
The tranquility of Blue river in Genyem, Jayapura, Papua via

The water of Kali Biru is not literally blue. The simple theory is, if the ground of the water is very deep, the water will look blue. Furthermore, the scientific explanation is when the sunlight is shining on the surface of the water, it will absorb a long wave of red light, then followed with yellow, green, purple, then the last one is blue. Since the light cannot emerge from the deep water, the light ricochets to the surface and the color of the water will be blue.

“Wopersnondi” Blue Lake in Biak.

Another unique place in Papua is Biak Numfor region. It is famous for the slogan which is a creative abbreviation of the region’s name, Bila Ingat Akan Kembali (BIAK) or you will remember and return. Although it is hot, but it has abundant wonders of natural marine resources that people should see. One of them is the alluring blue water that exists in Biak.

Wopersnondi lake is different than other lakes because it has striking blue water. Wopersnondi stands from Woper and Snoin, which means Wopersnondi (Jump) and Snondi (Man). It is said that years ago men would jump in to the lake to clean themselves.

Alluring Blue Water in Papua
“Wopersnondi” blue lake in East Biak, Papua via (Foto by Lisa Biduri)

Weopersnondi lake is located in Samares village in East Biak District. To go to the lake, it needs a good stamina and effort since it takes more than 3 hours to go there from Biak city.

The journey starts by land transportation from Biak city to Samares village in East Biak. After that, the journey continues by walking through the woods that goes uphills and downhills for about 15 minutes.  This journey is worth it though. Since at the end of this trip, you will be stunned by a lovely and marvelous blue lake in the peaceful and serene environment.

If you want to spend your holiday in Papua, don’t forget to visit these places. A serene environment and the blue water will bring your energy back.


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