APMS in Tolikara will Ensure the Fuel Prices

Currently, Pertamina is trying hard to make the fuel oil price in remote places of Papua the same as other places in Indonesia (national price). Well, it’s not actually an easy job, because in Papua, there are many places that are still hard to access, with their dense forests, mountainous area, and limited access. Therefore, the government is now thinking hard to find the solution in the realization of One National Fuel Oil Price  program by investing 800 million IDR to subsidize the transportation and distribution costs and also to build official fuel oil distributors. These distributors are important for the realization of the same fuel price in every corners of Indonesia, including Papua. By establishing official distributors in many remote places in Papua, Pertamina can maintain the low price.

One of Pertamina’s fuel distributors is Fuel and Diesel Distributor (APMS). Pertamina will build many APMS in Papua, especially in the remote places. Currently, Pertamina has already built and inaugurate two APMS in Tolikara. This is expected to maintain the fuel stock and price in Tolikara. The presence of APMS in Tolikara are welcomed and appreciated by the communities who live there.

APMS in Tolikara
The inauguration of APMS in Tolikara. Via metromerauke.com

“The people of Tolikara give big appreciation to President Joko Widodo for making this program,” said the Head of Mining and Energy Agency in Tolikara Regency, Imanuel Gurik, when asked by the journalists during the inauguration of APMS in Tolikara, cited from AntaraPapua.

“The retail fuel price in Tolikara Regency was usually around 25.000 Idr/liter, but now with Pertamina APMS, the people can buy Premium fuel for 6,450 IDR and Diesel fuel for 5,150 IDR,” said  Retail Sales Executive of Pertamina MOR VIII Papua Region 1 Arif Wahyu Perdana, during the inauguration on 11 September 2016, cited from AntaraPapua.

Fuel price oil in Papua has indeed decreased. The Minister of State-Owned Enterprise, Rini Soemarno has previously announced that, fuel oil price in Papua is now in accordance with the national price. This is the first time it ever happened since the independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

Tolikara will get 70,000 liter of fuel quota per month. This quota will be divided to the two APMS. Hence, each APMS will get 35,000 liter of fuel per month. APMS in Tolikara will reduce the price of land transportation in Tolikara, hence, the prices of basic needs will be a lot cheaper. By reducing transportation prices, it will also help the local industry and other business sectors, and of course the development in Tolikara Regency.


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