Balthasar Kambuaya the Former Minister From Papua

Balthasar Kambuaya was born in Ayamaru, Maybrat, West Papua, on 9 September 1956, and he was a former Indonesian Minister of Environment and Forestry during the second Indonesia Unite Cabinet from 2011 until 2014. Balthasar Kambuaya, or known by the name of Berth was a Rector in Cendrawasih University (UNCEN) Papua since 2005 until he became the Minister of Environment in 2011. During his youth days, Barth was already known as a hard worker man which is shown by his life journey until he became a Rector in UNCEN and the Minister of Indonesia. In 1978, he graduated from UNCEN with Diploma III and one year later, he begin his career as Assistant Professor in Economy Faculty of UNCEN. Furthermore in 1981, he was admitted as a full time lecturer in the Economy Faculty of UNCEN while also continuing his studies to get a bachelor degree. After he obtained his bachelor degree in 1984, a year later, he served as Head of Sub-Division in UNCEN Research Institute.

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Barth continued his studies in Master of Business Administration of University of Durham Business School and graduated in 1996.  Five years later (2001), he was promoted to become the Dean in UNCEN Economy University and during his leadership, he continued his studies to get his doctoral degree in Hassanudin University Makasar and graduated in 2003. Two years after, he obtained his doctoral degree, and Barth was appointed as a Rector in UNCEN, until he was appointed as a Minister of Indonesia in 2011.

Lets get to know more about this person with amazing achievements. Below is the biography of Balthasar Kambuaya:


  • Kambuaya Christian Education Foundation Elementary School of Ayamaru, Maybrat, West Papua (1969)
  • Teminabuan Public Economy Junior High School, Sorong (1971).
  • Sorong Public Economy High School, Sorong (1974).
  • Diploma III Cendrawasih University, Papua (1978).
  • Master of Business Administration from University of Durham Business School, England (1996)
  • Economy Doctoral Degree from Hassanudin University, Makassar (2003).

Non Formal Education:

  • Training on Risk Management Singapore (2006).
  • Academic Networking and University of Management in Texas & M University, USA (1999).
  • Training on SME (Small and medium-sized enterprises) Development – Indonesia University (1987).
  • Training on Small Business Development Hasanudin University Makassar-Kodrat (1986).


  • Assistant Professor in UNCEN Economy Faculty (1979).
  • Economy Faculty Full time Lecturer in UNCEN (1981).
  • Head of Subsection (Kasubag) in UNCEN Research Institute (1985).
  • Vice Dean I – UNCEN Faculty of Sciences, Law, Economics, and Social (1986-1987).
  • Vice Dean III – UNCEN Faculty of Sciences, Law, Economics, and Social (1987-1991).
  • Vice Dean I – UNCEN Faculty of Sciences, Law, Economics, and Social (1991-2000)
  • UNCEN Director of Asian Development Bank of Project Implementation (1995-2000).
  • Vice Chief in Preparation of Papua Special Autonomy Law Team (2000).
  • Republic Indonesia National Innovation Committee Member (2010).
  • Board of Commissioners Member in Papua Bank (2000-present).
  • Economy Faculty Dean in UNCEN (2001-2004)
  • Rector in UNCEN (2005-2011)
  • Indonesia Minister of Environment (2011-2014).


  • Small Business Profile in Papua (2004)
  • Development of Small Business in Papua (2004).
  • Entrepreneur Business Conduct (2004)
  • Satya Lencana Adhitya Dharma Nugraha from Indonesia Minister of Education and Culture as Exemplary Lecturer in 1988.

From his biography above, you can see that Balthasar Kambuaya’s dedication in education, development, economy, and business is very big for not only in Papua but also the whole nation of Indonesia. Balthasar uses his knowledge to educate the Papuan people to have better education in order to develop Papua.

Balthasar is not the only Indonesian Minister from Papua, there are also three other Papuan born Ministers, one of them is Manuel Kaisiepo. Manuel is a former State Minister of Eastern Indonesia Regional Development Acceleration during President Abdurrahman Wahid admnistration and President Megawati Sukarnoputri administration. He is well known for his concerns towards the people in Papua. He have done a lot of measures to elevate the standard of living in Papua during his period as Minister.

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