Celebrating Christmas in Papua with Bank of Papua Bazaar

December is the month of celebration. The month where people are celebrating Christmas and New Year. To welcome Christmas in Papua, the central and local Government of Indonesia are creating many programs to bring merrier and more joyful Christmas for the people of Papua. The Indonesian National Armed Forces are even participating to spread the joy of Christmas in Papua by giving 50,000 Christmas presents to the Papuan children.

The Management from the Bank of Papua will hold a Christmas Bazaar on 8 December 2016, in Jayapura that will be attended by 30 tenants with a various products and services. Furthermore, the Bank of Papua will also subsidize the products that will be sold in the Christmas Bazaar. Therefore, the Papuan people can buy the goods with cheaper price than usual. This Bazaar is going to focus on providing Christmas and staple goods for the Papuan people, but there will also be a BPJS (Social Security Agency) stand that will give information regarding health services and insurance.

Christmas Bazaar in Papua
The Acting Director of the Bank of Papua Sharly A Parangan. Via wartaplus.com

“We will subsidize this Bazaar. The goods that are sold, for example firecrackers that are usually sold around 90,000 IDR will besold in this bazaar only for 70,000 IDR, a big sized Asar fish that is usually sold around 75,000 IDR will only be sold for 50,000 IDR. We subsidize the goods from five until twenty percent of the usual price,” said the Acting Director of the Bank of Papua, Sharly A Parangan, cited from AntaraPapua.

The Christmas Bazaar in Papua will last until 9 December of 2016. Most of the tenants that will occupy the stands in the Bazaar are partners of the Bank of Papua. They purposely hold the Christmas Bazaar in Papua long before Christmas because of the Christmas facultative holiday that lasts a week since 19 December 2016. This Christmas Bazaar is held by the Bank of Papua to provide the Papuan people cheaper goods to celebrate Christmas. The goods that will be sold in the Christmas Bazaar are. for example, eggs (40,000 IDR/tray), red onion (35,000 IDR/kg), sugar (12,000 IDR/kg), cooking oil (10,000/kg), wheat flour (5,000 IDR/ kg), sweetened condensed milk (8.000 IDR/can), syrup (15,000 IDR/bottle), butter (4,000/250 grams), and soft drink (70,000 IDR/cartoon) and so on.

By holding Bazaar for Christmas in Papua, the Bank of Papua wants to help providing the need of goods during Christmas in Papua and New Year of 2016 in Papua. Hopefully, Papua will have a merrier Christmas and joyous New Year this year.


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