Enjoying the Beautiful Lakes on Papua Highlands

It seems like there is not enough words to describe the charm of Papua. Everything is astonishing and dazzling. One of those wonders is the Jayawijaya mountain. Jayawijaya mountain’s highest peak is named Puncak Jaya or Carstensz Pyramid. Carstenzs Pyramid is famous among the world climbers as it is one of the highest peak, with 4,884 mdpl of height and it is included as one of the Seven Summits project.

Carstenz Pyramid is the highest peak in Indonesia with challenging trekking path and not many trekkers can successfully get to the top. There are lakes on Papuan highlands that are hidden behind the cliffs on the peak along the trekking path to Carstensz Pyramid. Those lakes are the highest lakes in Indonesia. Hence, the lakes on Papuan highlands are named as the lakes on the clouds.

What are the lakes on Papuan highlands of Carstensz’s Pyramid?

The Habema Lake

If you are a mountain trekker and would like to step your feet on the Carstensz Pyramid, there is a lake named Habema Lake which is located below the Trikora mountain, in Jayawijaya district. Just like an adventurer who is looking for a treasure, Habema lake would be the first treasure which beauty you can admire. Why?


Lakes on Papuan Highlands
Habema Lake via IndonesiaKaya.com


Apart from its blue and calm water, as far as the eyes can see there’s vast grass field around the lake, mountain dew on the tip of the foliage and grass that waves when the wind blows. Moreover, we can watch a number of Papuan endemic bird species, including Cendrawasih birds (Bird of Paradise) on the sky of Habema.

The total area of Habema Lake and the grass field is 224.35 acres with a circumference of 9.79 kilometer and located on 3.300 mdpl of heights. This lake was once a movie shooting location for “Denias, the Ballad Above the Clouds” (Denias, Senandung di Atas Awan).


The Unnamed Lake

As one of the areas which is far away from the people’s hustle and bustle, the Carstensz Pyramid has many un-named places. One of the un-named lakes is located at 4.000 mdpl. According to Detik watch, this lake has no name. Just like a newborn baby, that even though it has no name, it looks very beautiful and charming. The water has 3 different colors, which are cream color on the edge of the lake, followed by blue and green in the middle of the lake.


Lakes on Papuan Highlands
Unnamed Lake via detikTravel


The Larson Lake

Larson Lake is on a higher ground than the unnamed lake. Its charm is beyond imagination. The view around the lake is similar to the most beautiful lakes around the world. The color of the water is light blue, and looks like it’s glowing when the sun shines on it. Next to Larson Lake, is the Blue Lake which is also fascinating, especially when you see it from the helicopter.


Danau Larson via geomagz.esdm.go.id
Larson Lake via geomagz.esdm.go.id


For trekkers who want to go to Catsrensz Pyramid, Larson lake is an essential spot for you to enjoy its beauty. Do not miss out to capture your best moment here!


The Basecamp Lakes

To go to the Carstensz Pyramid, you will find Basecamp Lake.  Like its name, this lake is a base for the trekkers to camp. Usually they install their tents overnight or just to cook their meal.


Danau Basecamp via Pinterest
Basecamp Lake via Pinterest


Unlike any other lakes on the Papuan Highlands on the lower ground, Basecamp lake has ten lakes in its surroundings. The highest lake from the 10 lakes is located at 4.330 mdpl.  No wonder that the temperature is very low, around minus 5 Celcius, hence the lake is often frozen in the morning.


The Degeli Jagali Lake

Besides the three lakes on the Papuan highlands which are previously mentioned, Degeli Jagali Lake is one of the lakes that is located around the Carstensz Pyramid at around 4.330 mdpl. We can see from Maximus Tipagau’s pictures in detikTravel the view of Degeli Jagali lake that is located between two peak cliffs like water filling a canoe. We can also see several lakes on the surrounding of the Papuan Highlands.


Danau Degeli Jagali 1 (detikTravel)
Degeli Jagali Lake by Maximus Tipagau via detikTravel
Lakes on Papuan Highlands
Degeli Jagali Lake by Maximus Tipagau via detikTravel


From Maximus Tipagau’s explanation, a native from Moni tribe – a tribe that lives in Ugimba since more than hundreds of years ago who hunt around the Degeli Jagali Lake –  he said that this lake exists around the Carstensz Pyramid, but not in the trekking route. The direction is, from Ugimba, then go to Putigapa and before Juambiga Panembiga.

“On the map, from Ugimba to Carstensz you should turn left, but if you want to go to the lake –  turn right”, said Maximus who was also the chief of  Journalist Exhibition Committee to Carstensz due to his frequent hikes to the Carstensz Pyramid.

The five lakes on Papuan highlands which are located on the foot of the Carstensz Pyramid has their own charm which can make trekkers dropped down on their knees, amazed by the beauty. Based on the experiences of the trekkers, there are a lot of unique rules to climb the Carstensz Pyramid and other peaks.

So, if you love trekking and would like to go to Carstensz Pyramid, prepare your supplies, physics and mentality well, because even before your arrival to the top, you will find the amazing lakes on Papuan highlands that are ready to pamper your eyes.

Happy Travelling!


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