Minister of Education and Culture: Better Access to Education in Papua with Student Dormitory

In 2017, the Indonesian government will build many dormitories for schools in Papua. Therefore, the students that live far away from school can live at the dormitory. Education in Papua seems like it will see better days.

According to the Minister of Education and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy, the government will build dormitories in Elementary, Junior, and High School, including houses for the teachers. If the teacher is not married, a flat will be provided, said Effendy during his visit to Merauke, Papua Province, Thursday. (6/10)

He also said that the dormitories are built to help the students. Hence, they do not have to waste their time on the road due to the distance which require them a lot of time to go to school.

Education in Papua
Papua elementary students are singing joyfully, Via

In order to make this happen, the Regency and Head Ministry of Education in Merauke, and also other regencies in other districts in Papua, will build the concept for the dormitories’ construction. Moreover, the Minister of Education and Culture, will also build a Vocational High School (SMK) that’s going to be adjusted with the needs of the people in Papua. Muhadjir Effendy, also apreciates the contribution of the community of Papua in the development of education.

He also said that the Indonesian government under Jokowi’s administration focuses on the education in the elementary and junior High, and also increasing the teachers’ quality. He added that in order to improve the teachers’ quality, they need three things, expertise as an educator, social responsibility, and work spirit.

“Social responsibility is important because being a teacher is not just having a job but also about passion,” said Muhadjir, in front of the students from Teacher Education College (KPG) of Papua, in Merauke district.

Head of Merauke District, Frederikus Gabze, also agreed that the Jokowi government is serious in developing education in Papua. Jokowi said that under his administration, education access will be improved for the children in remote places. One of the improvements is by providing teachers. He also wants to make sure that all of the graduates from KPG will be placed in remote places and villages, under clear working teacher status.

The government of Indonesia understands about the importance of education, especially for the Papuan people. By building a good education and expanding its access, they can secure the quality of their future generation.


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