Bihewa Waterfall, a Gigantic Waterfall in Nabire, Papua

In the magnificent island of Papua, there are still many hidden treasures in the deep of the dense forest or virgin mountains that only few people have visited. One of their hidden treasures is Bihewa waterfall, that was found on 2016 in Makimi district, Nabire, Papua.

The Bihewa Waterfall Expedition

The local people of Makimi village are the ones who accidentally found this great waterfall and reported it to the local government. Afterwards, on 13 March of 2016, an expedition team was sent to check the validity of the waterfall. As a result, after a grueling two days of walk through the wilderness along the Bihewa stream, the expedition team, together with the local people, the traditional leaders, the media and tourism Services of Nabire, have finally reached the waterfall.

The location of the waterfall is in the deep of an unspoiled forest. This huge waterfall still has no name and since the waterfall is at the upstream end of the Bihewa river, they call it the Bihewa waterfall.

It took 4 hours of walk on the side route of Trans Papua ring roads, which connect the Nabire region with Waropen region, to reach the waterfall. The expedition itself had many obstacles, such as high hillsides, bad weather, and steep valleys. However, it didn’t stop the expedition team to find the waterfall.

The Uniqueness of Bihewa Waterfall

The location of Bihewa waterfall is in the dense part of the forest. Like any other rain forests, you will see huge trees, green leafs, and wildflowers. It has seven levels of small waterfalls. The local people say that this waterfall is the small waterfall that comes from the big waterfall. As cited from, the  Head of Tourism Services, Blasius Nuhuyanan said “The discovery of this waterfall is expected to increase the tourist potentials of Nabire. This waterfall is a heritage for our future generations.

How to Get There?

To reach Bihewa waterfall, you have to go through the Lagari villages. From Lagari village 200, you have to go to Wapoga street. From the Lagari basecamp, you then continue going to the south and walk on a new path under the trees. It will take around 1.5 hour to reach the waterfall.

Bihewa Waterfall, the Giant Waterfall in Nabire, Papua
Indonesian flag raised on Bihewa waterfall on 17 August 2016 via

The Indonesian Flag Ceremony in Bihewa Waterfall

One interesting event, on 17 August of 2016, to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day, there was a big event, organized in Bihewa waterfall. There were people raising Indonesian flag with 600-meter length from the top to the bottom of the waterfall. This event is not only fun but also carries important values. Salut!


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