Billy Ramandey : The First Papuan Equestrian Rider

Papua is not only an exquisite and bountiful island for its abundant natural resources, there are also many talented people that have become more acknowledged worldwide. Many Papuan men who are skilled in football have become athletes in Papuan football union, Persipura Jayapura. Today, another young Papuan athlete, at 16 years old, has already made a history, as he is the first equestrian rider from Papua and has just accomplished a great achievement in an equestrian competition. His name is Billy Ramandey.

Billy Ramandey, is the son of Zeth Ramandey (father) and Sami Ningsih (mother). He is an 11th grade student in Adria Pratama Mulya (APM) High School. APM is the only boarding school in Indonesia that has Equestrian included in their official curriculum. Billy, with six other Papuan youths (four males and two females) are supported by the Government of Papua to study equestrian and become equestrian athletes. They are the first generation from Papua that have been studying in Adria Pratama Mulya Equestrian School since 2014.

Billy Ramandey : The First Papuan Equestrian Rider
Billy Ramandey (on the top)

Cinta Indonesia Open (CIO) 2016 is a prestigious equestrian inter school competition, which is held on 11-13 November 2016 in Tapos Village, Tigaraksa, Banten. There were 30 classes contested in Dressage and Show Jumping. This competition has also become an important event for the young riders, as the competition is followed by primary, junior high-school and senior high-school students. All contestants are sorted and competed within their own levels. In this competition, Billy is one of the winners in Walk Trot class Inter High-School in Dressage category.

Although his family lives in Jayapura, Billy is determined to finish his study and stay in APM Equestrian Center afterward to pursue his dream to become an equestrian athlete. His dream and passion in equestrian has also encouraged him to join the National Sports Competition (PON) in 2020. As cited from, Billy said “I want to be the first Papuan athlete that could win a gold medal in PON 2020”.

Lots of Papuan youths have achieved many achievements in various fields. From Alvionita Kogoya – the Bronze Medalist of World Mathematics Team Championship 2014Septinus George Saa – the Genius from PapuaRudolf Surya Bonay: The First Step to Nobel Prize in ChemistryBob and Thinus: from Papua to Growing Space Rice with NASAIyakoko Patea Choir The Golden Voice of PapuaEdo Kondologit – a Papuan Man with a Golden VoiceNowela, The Singer With a Unique Voice from Wamena and many more. These Papuan youths has proven that the Papuan people have so many potentials and can compete nationally and even globally. Salute to Billy, salute to bright young Papuan victors!

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