US Vice Ambassador is Impressed with the Developments During His Visit to Papua

The Vice Ambassador of the United States (US) for Indonesia, Brian McFeeters, was visiting Papua on 16 November 2016, to see the developments and the cooperation between Indonesia and US in economy, environment, and education. This was his first visit to Papua and an important one because he wants to establish a good relationship with the local government in Papua.

US Vice Ambassador Brian McFeeters. Via

During his visit to Papua, McFeeters wants to see in person the LESTARI program of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in education, and democracy in Papua. He also added, even though US is now lead by a new President, the cooperation between Indonesia and US is important and need to be maintained.

“We have the opportunity to learn about many things, such as the hopes of the vice governor of Papua,” said McFeeters. “I am very interested because Papua is a beautiful place, with good agriculture, land and forest management supported by the implementation of USAID LESTARI programs,” as cited from AntaraPapua.

Previously, he also mentioned regarding the US support for Papua as a part of Indonesia regions, in relation with the speech from the representations of Pacific nations about Papua during the UN assembly.”We support Papua as a part of Indonesia, that’s all I can say” he added on 20 October of 2016, as cited from

visit to papua
UK Ambassador (center) having conversation with the Chief of Regional Police in Papua, Paulus Waterpauw (left), during his visit to Papua.

Previously, the United Kingdom Ambassador for Indonesia, Moazzam Malik, has already visited Papua, 0n 20 January 2016. During his visit to Papua, he talked about many issues, from environmental changes, education, and also the developments in Papua. He also visited Cendrawasih University and Papua University. In that visit, he talked about the cooperation in education. He saw the efforts of the Indonesian government in the development of education in Papua. He also said that UK will aid by giving scholarship to the Papuan people through UK scholarships such as Chevening and through LPDP.

“UK fully supports the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of Indonesia. We recognize Papua as a part of Indonesia,” as cited from MetroNews.

Malik also supports the efforts of the Indonesian government to overcome the problems in Papua and improve the welfare. On behalf of the UK government, he supports the Indonesian government in developing Papua by giving 8.5 million Poundsterling aid for Spatial and Green Investment Program (PROTARIH).

The Indonesian government under President Joko Widodo administration is very serious in the development and education of the Papuan people. Therefore, when the US Vice Ambassador and UK Ambassador visited Papua, they saw the improvements in Papua. They know that the Indonesian government is now very committed, hence, they also want to support the Indonesian government in their efforts to increase the developments and education in Papua.


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