Brief Insights on PON XX in Papua

After years of holding on to the dream, Papua has finally been chosen for the next PON (National Sports Week) XX which is in 2020. After many considerations and viewing that the chances are big, Papua finally enlisted to KONI (National Sports Council) as one of the candidates of PON XX host. That move has been proven fruitful. Papua has been officially acknowledged as the host for PON XX. Many parties have welcomed the decision since Papua have so many hidden potentials and bountiful land. However it is indeed a brave decision since Papua has some features that will both provides support and challenges for the implementation of PON XX in Papua.

PON XX in Papua
The Governor of West Java presented the mascot of PON XIX to the Governor of Papua


Considering how special and momentous the occasion is, it’s no wonder that it has several defining features. So what are the different features that will be in PON XX in Papua, in the year of 2020 in Papua.


The Head of KONI Central, Tono Suratman, has said that Papua is ready to host PON XX in 2020. Unlike the previous PON XIX in West Java which was held in dozens of regencies, PON XX in Papua will be held in five regencies only, which are Jayapura, Timika, Wamena, Biak dan Merauke.  Jayapura will be the place for the opening and closing of PON XX in Papua.

Competed Sports

The sports that are being competed in PON XX has not been confirmed. However KOMI has proposed 44 sports to be competed, which will be the same with PON XIX in West Java.



The Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe explained that PON XX in Papua needs a huge amount of money, especially in the field of transportation. Infrastructures need to be developed to provide better access to the PON XX locations. This is considering Papua still have many challenges in transportation especially land transportation. The construction of land transportation infrastructure requires huge budget. It is estimated to cost around 10-15 trillion IDR to held PON XX in Papua.

However the air transportation is already quite established. Big aircraft are already available, as well as the accommodation. There are 16 Boeing that daily operates in papua. There are also hotels with big capacity equipped with internet.


Local Impact

Papua, besides having the pride to be the host of PON XX, will also receive many benefits. The development of many infrastructures and facilities in Papua to accommodate PON XX will also support the development in Papua. Developments such as housing area, roads, bridges, clean water pipe line, electricity power source and telecommunication infrastructures as well as green public spaces have slowly started to come together.

PON XX in Papua is also hoped to improve the welfare and income of the local people. One of the example is, PON XX will support culinary business that will provide local delicacies abd food for the participants of PON XX.


National Impact

PON XX would also be the event to gather all aspects of the country to unify in the spirit of sports. The event could also strengthen the solidarity of all cultures and people from provinces all over Indonesia, as well as the solidarity between the people of papua.



The competition to select the jingle and mascot of PON XX  has been participated by 100 participants and the winner has been decided after being discussed with the Governor of Papua himself, Lukas Enembe,SIP, MH. He asks to help promote and spread the mascot of PON XX in Papua, whether nationally or internationally. Hence, PON XX can have bigger impact and will receive more support.


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