Cash Availability During Christmas in Papua

The air of Christmas is always full of light and merriness everywhere in the world, including Papua. The majority of people in Papua are Christian believers, hence it is no wonder that the Christmas celebration is one of the most anticipated moments. During celebrations, people in Papua, like in any holiday times anywhere in the world, people like to spend money in order to celebrate the moments. Cash and monetary flow are usually, if not always, packed. Therefore, the Bank of Indonesia and the Bank of Papua have anticipated this situation to meet the demands during Christmas in Papua and of course for New Year of 2017.

In order to meet the demands of cash availability during Christmas and Papua, and also the upcoming New year of 2017, the Representative Office of Bank of Indonesia in Papua has prepared funds in the amount of 5.35 Trillion IDR. Some amount has been readily available which is 1.45 Trillion IDR in the Bank of Indonesia in Papua, while 3.9 Trillion IDR more will be available in Papua this December.

Christmas in Papua
Children in Papua joyfully celebrated 2014 Christmas during President Jokowi visitation via


In addition, to make transaction easier during Christmas in Papua, the Bank of Indonesia has also prepared kas keliling or mobile cash, which are distributed in several Districts/Cities in Papua. Mobile cash is developed by Bank of Indonesia to enable the people to get easier change money. The mobile cash is prepared in areas where there is no kas titipan or deposit cash. Deposit cash provides cash money to monetary services such as banks, and other institution offices in all over Indonesia. Deposit cash has reached 26 districts/cities in Papua. Jayapura for example has deposit cash in several points in the city, every Monday and Thursday, while replacement for overused money is in Wednesday.

Deposit cash has also been prepared by the Bank of Indonesia to welcome Christmas in Papua in the amount of 400 Billion IDR out of the sum of 5.35 Trillion IDR of funds. The cash is distributed in Biak, Sorong and Merauke. This project is carried out to enable the people in Papua to have easier transaction, whether for overused money replacement or the demand to have proper cash money for transaction. The Representative Office of Bank Indonesia in Papua will also open counters to serve the demand for new cash money and small change, which will be opened on the second week of December 2016.

The Bank of Papua has also chipped in to provide cash money and easier transaction during Christmas in Papua. Funds in the amount of 1.87 Trillion IDR has been prepared to provide transaction demands of their customers. The demand for funds during Christmas in Papua is expected to increase this Christmas compared to last year. Last year’s funds was prepared in the amount of 1.7 Trillion IDR. The service for cash withdrawal is not only through bank counters but also all ATM machines of the Bank of Papua.


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