Free Cataract Surgery in Mimika-Papua

The Government has been trying their best in improving health access in Papua. The tough environment and lack of transportation in Papua have pushed the government to solve these problems. One of the solutions implemented by the government is by creating a plan to eradicate leprosy and cataract in Papua. Indeed, leprosy and cataract are some of the prominent health problems that happening in Papua. Leprosy is a significant problem because this disease is contagious and can spread, while cataract is a problem because they can cause blindness and would give grave affect to the livelihood of the people in Papua.

In order to help the cataract sufferers in Papua, the Health Service of Amungme and Kamoro Community Development Institute (LPMAK) is giving free cataract surgery in Mimika-Papua. LPMAK has been carrying out this surgery in their floating clinic (a water based health service delivery) in the water area of Timika Bay Village, Central Mimika, on 24 October 2016. This surgery is a social activity to celebrate the World Eyesight Day.

free cataract surgery in Mimika-Papua
Free cataract surgery in Papua via

Besides giving free cataract surgery in Mimika-Papua, they were also giving free eye check and treatments in Kokonao Community Health Center (Puskesmas) and Atuka Puskesmas on 19-24 October 2016. The eye check was participated by 941 people that consists of 666 adults and 275 children, eyeglasses distribution to 376 people and distribution of eyes medicine to 229 people.

Many people are thankful by the free cataract surgery in Mimika-Papua, one of them is Mama Marcela. According to her, she cannot see clearly for many years because of cataract, but after this surgery she can see clearly now.

“Yes, I’m thankful of this cataract surgery program by LPMAK. If there is no help from LPMAK, maybe my left eye cannot see again,” she said, cited from AntaraPapua.

“I’m thankful and happy because right now I can see clearly. So many years I have not been able to see,” said Marcela Mitemaniu, cited from AntaraPapua.

According to the Chief of Health Service of LPMAK, Yusuf Nugroho, said that cataract patients in Mimika bay area are lower compared to city area. In the places like Timika, there are 5% of cataract case, while in Mimika bay, there are only 4,1% cataract cases.

With free eyes surgery for cataract, it is expected that the health and welfare of the people in Papua can improve. Through these programs, cataract cases would hopefully decreased and eventually, eradicated.


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