Cross-Border Wonderful Indonesia Festival in West Papua

West Papua‘s natural beauty is exquisite and unique. There are many potentials in West Papua that can be offered to the world, therefore the Ministry of Tourism holds many festivals every year. One of the festivals to promote and improve the tourism in West Papua is Cross-Border Wonderful Indonesia Festival.

Cross-Border Wonderful Indonesia Festival has been held for the 9th time since June 2016. On 22 November 2016, it was held in the cross-border area of Skouw market, Muara Tami region, Jayapura. 

Located on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, there is a coast with white-grey sands and a long straight coastline around Skouw. There is also high tide that is very recommended for surfers. For this event, the local government has transformed a big field in Skouw market into the front gate of Papua with the lavishness of Las Vegas. There is also a plan to develop Skouw to be an exclusive tourism place due to its peaceful location, far from the hustle bustle of big cities.

Cited from, the Head of the Department of Tourism Promotion Infrastructure of Papua, Hans B. Menanti said “We hope that in the closing event there will be more tourists that come and shop. More or less there are around a thousand visitors. The more the better”.

Cross-Border Wonderful Indonesia Festival in West Papua
Indonesian Army, Papuan and Papua Guinean dancing together in Cross-Border Wonderful Indonesia Festival in Skouw via

In the last event on November, the tourists that came to this event were more than the expected number. There were around 1,800 tourists who came to Skouw to see various entertainments and buy local products.

The tourists from Papua Guinea were blending with the Indonesian armed forces and local people of Skouw in Muara Tami to enjoy the festival. There were also music performances of Dangdut (Indonesian type of music) and Reggae which are loved by the people of Papua and Papua New Guinea.

There are many festivals in Papua that perform and show various arts and cultures of origin in Papua. One of them is the annual Papua Arts and Culture Festival.

Besides to promote and improve the tourism in Papua, this event is also expected to improve the local community’s economy and prosperity. The more tourists who visit Skouw, the more income from visitors who shop, hence the economy in Skouw will increase.

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