Destika Award 2016 of Papua

In today’s world, the Information Communication Technology has grown faster and plays an important role in people’s life. Information technology pushes people to develop and compete for a better living. Currently,  Indonesia is the 4th country that has 30.5% of active internet users in the world.  Papua is no different, hence, this year the Government of Indonesia held the 4th Destika (Desa Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi – Information and Communication Technology Village) festival in Khalkote, Asei Besar Village, East Sentani District, Jayapura, Papua.

Destika Award 2016
Destika festival Jayapura banner.

The Destika festival has been held annually since 2013, in order to evenly distribute the information communication technology in all provinces in Indonesia, especially in villages or remote areas. It is also as one of the implementations of Nawacita point 3, “Developing Indonesia by strengthening the marginal regions and villages, in the framework of national unity”. This event is organized to introduce the information communication technology and encourage the community awareness of using the technology positively in various sectors such as education, health, economy, and public administration.

The 4th festival of Destika was held On 28-30 September 2016 in Papua. Jayapura was selected as the place for Destika festival because the people are ready to host this event. The Director of Informatics Impowerment from  Ministry of Communication and Informatics appreciated Jayapura’d willingness to host the festival because its villages has many potential aspects such as  tourism, nature and plantation that need to be promoted not only to the people all over Indonesia but also Internationally through this event. This year, there were about 1,000 participants who came from 9 provinces in Indonesia.

The number of participant is not far from the prediction when Destika 2016 in Papua was prepared. People who live 5 hours from the festival have even confirmed their attendance, as written in Papuan Villages are on to the Future with Festival of Information and Communication Technology.

According to the Chairman of the Destika committe, Budiman Sudjatmiko, “Destika festival is a way to stimulate the villages to be smart in using technology and we also launch the latest information technology which is beneficial to villages”. Besides workshops, discussions, products exhibitions, village potentials, and art performances,  there was also a development for village based online application. The application is called SIKAP (Sistem Informasi Kampung Papua – Information System of Papuan Village) and TVisikita.

SIKAP can be adjusted with the needs of each regencies and has main features of: Demography, Administration, and Financial Management of the Village. While TVisikita is an application that is specifically being developed by using iBOLZ  that can be used in remote areas that has slow internet connection. It provides e-learning through videos like YouTube, but it is using a low bandwidth.

From Papua, there was JERAT Papua (Jaringan Kerja Rakyat Papua – Community Networking of Papua),  which works on Natural Resources, Economy Rights, Social and Cultures. They presented picture exhibition of the work on the joint program between Momuna tribe and Sarawandori village.

Every year there in this annual event, they give an award which is called Destika Desa.Id Award. This award is given to villages that have shown the best development of information and communication technology.

The Destika Desa.Id Award were given by the Informatics Empowerment Director of Ministry of Communication and Informatics to 6 villages, they are:

  1. Sepahat Village, Riau
  2. Kanekes Village, Banten
  3. Dermaji Village, Central Java
  4. Swarga Bara Village, East Borneo
  5. Nendali Village, Papua
  6. Yakonde Village, Papua
Destika Award 2016
The winners of Award via

Nendali and Yokande Villages in Papua, are two of the villages that have won Destika award 2016 and have been using the technology by frequently updating their website with the news and activities of their villages.

The government will continuously support this program by implementing the East Palapa Ring project to upgrade the quality of the connection in Papua. Hopefully, the fast internet and good information capacity can evenly distributed to all corners of Indonesia, including Papua.


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